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Money is always good for people because it can buy the basic things needed to survive.

Money is good and bad .depend on how you use it . Never put money before values. If so accept the consequences.

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Q: How much money will a speeding ticket cost if you went 17 over in a 40 mile zone and you are 17 yrs old and have a class D license as a good student and the officer said you had good attitude?
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Can you send a high school student to jail for speeding?

Off course, you most certainly can. I don't see why a high school student should be an acceptance to the rule. Law is law, and it applies on everyone. That is the beauty of it. However, for speeding, the fine is penalty points on your drivers license or if the student was speeding really high, then they can have their drivers license banned for a minimum of 6 months.

How much is the driver's student license application fee in the LTO?

how much student license

What personal qualities do you need to be a student?

A student will need to be honest, enthusiastic and positive attitude.

Can a student take another student home with a student license?

Yes, but only one.

Did student attitude effect on academic achievement?

Yes. If you try your best and have a good attitude, you usually do better than if you have a negative attitude.

Can you get student license in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, a student can get a license in Saudi Arabia. However, the student must be 18 or older. There is documentation required and must be translated to the local language.

What is the age limit for a pilots license?

student pilot license = 16 regular pilot license = 17

What can be the attitude of third year student in sports?

depends on who you are and how you act

Can you get student license in Saudi Arabia and in what age?

You can get your student license in Saudi Arabia at the age of 17 and it lasts a year and has some restrictions. At the age of 18 you can get a driving license which lasts for 5 years.

What is the attitude in school of student in mature age?

It depends on the student. Generally a mature student is someone who wishes to learn and therefore will apply themselves to the subject.

What is sro full form?

student relationship officer

Can commerce student become an IAS officer?


What are the functions of Placement Officer in a college?

A Placement Officer in a college is a person who helps determine the best classes for a student to take toward a particular career. A Placement Officer also helps coordinate a student with living arrangements, such as roommates in a dormitory. A Placement Officer might also help a student find employment that will not interfere with a student's academics.

How the teacher's attitude effect the students in learning?

If a teacher have positive attitude it will effect all over personality of the student and increases its learning power.

What was Napoleon Bonaparte's jobs?

He was a student who became an Artillery Officer, who became a General Officer who became an Emperor.

What is the minimum age to get a drivers license in CA?

16 I believe. I think you can get a student learners license at 15 though.

Why is a positive attitude of the teacher so important when teaching an additional language?

The teacher's attitude is important no matter what subject is being taught. A positive attitude is important because the teacher's attitude affects the student's attitude, and can make the difference between the student learning the language or becoming discouraged.

You must be a teacher or a student to legally use this license. The installation CD comes it retail packaging.?

You must be a teacher or a student to legally use this license. The installation CD comes it retail packaging.

Can a F1 student get a driver license?

Yes, a student with a F1 can get a driver's license. According to the Department of Homeland Security, international students in America can get a U.S. driverâ??s license and a social security number, when you follow the instructions per the state you attend school in.

Can anyone apply for student pilot license?

yes if your over 18

What age did Neil Armstrong get his student pilot license?

age 15

What are the best jobs for a commerce student?

ceos cheif executive officer

What did Napoleon do before he was the leader of France?

He wasw a student and an Army officer.

Attitude of student to guidance and counseling?

Some students wish to be guided and counselled, and other don't.

What if your teacher yells at you every day?

Then you are obviously a very unruly student and should change your attitude.