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Q: How much money will you need to save for a Four year college if you have four years to save?
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How many years in college to get an MD?

After four years in college of getting a bachelors, the four more years after college to get the M.D. degree and then three years in residency.

How many money can you get in four years if your a doctor?

4000.00 in four years

How long do you become a full vet?

four years of college and an four years of veterinary medicine

How many years do you need to have in high school and college will you need in order to be a veterinarian?

How many years does it takeyou need four years of a college/university and then four years of internship and then you take an exam and if you pass it then you're finished

Can you be a pediatrician with four years of college?

To be a pediatrician, you need four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, and a three year residency. There are many other health care fields that primarily serve children that require four years of college and, increasingly, an MS.

How many years of college for a ornithologist?


How many years of college does a Gaming animator have to have?

four years

How long does it take to become a General Family Practitioner?

four years of medical school, at leats 5 years of residency, a

How much school do you need to become a psychiatrists?

At a minimum, you have to complete four years of college, then four years of medical school and, finally, four years of psychiatry residence training.

What experience do you need to become a dentist?

four years of college with a science degree, then dental school for four years with an intership

How old are people in college?

four years

Is taking JROTC for four years help with being accepted into a college or no?

Being involved with JROTC for four years definitely makes a difference when looking to be accepted into a college.