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Lights on a car do not cause any major fuel cost, as they are run off the battery. The engine has an alternator on it that is working all the time charging the system up. This is where the lights would cause any fuel costs. The alternator may put extra load on the engine, but it would be hard to notice any difference in fuel costs.

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Q: How much more fuel does an engine use when the car lights are on?
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Why diesel engine contains more soot than petrol engine?

ash in diesel fuel causes soot, much more in diesel fuel than gasoline

On most cars is a 4-cylinder engine more fuel-efficient than a 6-cylinder?

A four-cylinder engine does not require as much fuel as a six-cylinder, which requires half again as much fuel every time the pistons fire. A six-cylinder is more powerful, too, and accordingly uses more fuel. Four-cylinders are more economical, and if they are properly maintained, are more efficient.

How much more efficiency does a diesel engine got than a gasoline engine?

The diesel engine has more toque, gets better fuel mileage (30%) better, and will last longer with less maintenance. It does cost more initially and diesel fuel is more costly but for some applications is a wise choice.

How much oil to top up?

be more specific, make,model,engine size, fuel type,

What the role of air displacement in engine?

It's just the complement to fuel displacement. How much air the engine takes in affects how much fuel it can burn.

In a car with a four-cycle engine why is it an advantage to have at least four cylinders?

it has more horsepower and does not waste as much fuel.

Which fuel is more efficient gas or diesel?

Diesel engine... you can create much higher initial compressions and much more efficient combustions because of it, with diesel engines.

How much power does a engine have in it?

Depends on engine size, how many cylinders, turbocharged or not, supercharged or not, fuel type used, etc. Please be more specific with the question.

How much gasoline does an average vehicle burn?

depends on cubic displacement and type of fuel being used some fuels have more stored energy. The larger the engine usually the more fuel consumed

Will pressure regulator dump too much fuel into engine?


What is the difference between a diesel engine and a petrol engine characteristic?

A diesel engine ignites it's fuel through compression and has no spark plugs. A gasoline engine has 1 or 2 spark plugs in each cylinder that fires at a set time and ignites the fuel. A diesel engine typically has much more torque than a gasoline engine and is designed to pull a heavy load. A gasoline engine will accelerate faster than a diesel but the diesel will have much more torque and be able to pull much heavier loads. A diesel engine will last much longer than a gasoline engine as it is built much heavier. Modern diesels are fairly quiet and make almost no more noise than a gas engine especially off idle.

What happens if you don't fix a bad catalytic converter?

not much car gets loud. If its a newer car may bring lights of check engine soon on. And may affect fuel milage.

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