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Heaps. The least financially successful Harry Potter film made $90 million more than the most successful Twilight movie.

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Did Twilight make more money than Harry Potter?

No. The Harry Potter series made $4,378,253,668 more than the Twilight series.

Why did Twilight beat Harry Potter?

Twilight hasn't sold more books or made more money at the box office than Harry Potter.

Did twilight sell more tickes the Harry potter?

No. The least popular Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, made over $90 million more than Twilight.

How popular is twilight compared to Harry Potter?

Not very. Harry Potter has sold millions of more books than Twilight and has made over $6 million more than the Twilight movies.

Has Twilight outsold Harry Potter?

No, the Harry Potter series has sold more copies than Twilight.

Is Twilight outselling Harry Potter?

No, the Harry Potter books have sold more copies.

How much more did Twilight make than Harry Potter?

Twilight didn't make more money than Harry Potter,it actually made $4,378,253,668 less.With a total of $7,723,431,572 overall the Harry Potterseries the the highest grossing movie franchise while the Twilight series places ninth earning $3,345,177,904 overall.

Are there more fans of Harry Potter or Twilight?

Harry Potter has higher sales of books and has grossed more money at the box office. Both Harry Potter and Twilight have large fanbases and many people like both series.

Has Harry Potter or Twilight been watched more?

Box office records show that the Harry Potter series had more viewers.

Who is more popular Twlight or Harry Potter?

harry potter as it has been out for longer and is a classic twilight is mostly for teenagers

Which series has sold more books Harry Potter or Twilight?

The Harry Potter series has sold more books than the Twilight saga.Harry Potter has sold more than 400 million copies worldwide as of March 2008.Twilight has sold 116 million copies worldwide as of October 2010.

Is Harry Potter more liked than Twilight?

By lots YES!

Is The Twilight Saga more popular than the Harry Potter series?

No, Harry Potter has sold over 400 million copies. Twilight has sold over 17 million.

Did Harry Potter or Twilight gross more?

Harry Potter grossed more. It is the biggest selling movie series ever earning over $7 million. Twilight is the sixteenth earning over $1 million.

Did Twilight sell more then Harry Potter?

No, the Harry Potter series has sold over 400 million copies as of March 2008. Twilight had sold only 100 million copies by 2010.

Did eclipse make more money than Harry Potter?

nowhere near as much. the least successful twilight film made less than the most successful harry potter film, and the same with the books

What are the similarities and differences between Twilight and Harry Potter?

The similarities between Twilight and Harry Potter is that they both have werewolves and vampires.However, the werewolves in Twilight are actually shape-shifters and the only vampire in Harry Potter was mentioned once and appeared to follow the more traditional rules. So really, the series are very different and have no similarities.

How does the Harry Potter series compare from the twilight series?

Harry Potter is very action packed and is enjoyed by everyone. Twilight is more of a romance and a chick flick. While I have not read the Twilight series, I believe that Twilight is more of a Vampire,action-ey love story. All 7 books of Harry Potter rest in my shelf as so i can say Harry books have adventure, love, and most of all Duels and Scary times. I think Harry Potter is better 'cause it's more orgianal than Twilight (I mean come on many authors have done forbidden love before Romeo and Juliet). I have read Harry Potter and Twilight...everyone is so obsessed with Twilight now, I don't know if it's 'cause they actually like it or 'cause suposedly everyone eles likes it.

Is Harry Potter more famous than Twilight?

Not really, both are very well known series with large fanbases.In terms of book sales and box office records the Harry Potter series has made the most money.

What made more money Harry Potter or star wars?

starwars because they have made more films than harry potter have hope this helps XD

Is Cody Simpson a Twilight saga fan?

He's actually more of a Harry Potter fan :^)

What should you do if Twilight is taking over Harry Potter?

Twilight isn't taking over Harry Potter. It may seem like there are more fans but the book sales and the movie grossings speak for themselves. Even if Twilight was 'taking over' Harry Potter you couldn't do anything. Read and watch what you like. They are just two book series, it isn't a matter of life and death.

Which is more important Harry Potter or Twilight?

Neither is particularly important, they exist for entertainment purposes. Fans may have personal reasons as to why the series or series are important to them though.

Who is more famous Brad Pitt or Harry Potter?

harry potter harry potter

Who is more famous Harry Potter or Usain Bolt?

Harry potter monies and harry potter