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How much music and video can 160 GB of memory hold?

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It can hold 12,000 or more songs, but it all depends on the bit rate of the compressed audio file. Same with the videos.

2012-02-05 17:33:38
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How much video will 8GB memory hold?

It holds 1,750.

How much video will 160GB memory hold?

I have an 80GB ipod and I have 7 Movies along with 40gb of music and I still have a ton of space left....

How much video time can a 4 gb memory card hold?

it can hold about 5-10 hours depending on video resolution.

How much music can a 512mb memory card hold for a phone?


How much music will a 8 GB memory stick hold?

For an iPod, an 8 GB memory stick will hold approximately 2,000 songs.

How much video can a 4gb memory card hold at 14 mega pixels?

29 mints approx in hd

How much video will a canon SDC 128MH SD memory card hold?

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How much memory do blank CD's have?

There are many different types of blank CD's, and each may hold a different amount of memory. Some CD's hold a ton of memory while some cheaper CD's don't hold that much memory.Blank CD's (not to be mixed up with blank DVD's) hold 750mb worth of memory. Which acounts to 273 digital photos and 80 mins of digital music.

How much music can a micro sd memory card hold?

about 300 in a 2 gb micro sd card

How much video can a 4GB memory card hold at 7 mega pixels?

1GB holds about 1.5hours of video at 7 mega pixs so about 6hours

How much memory can go onto a CD?

Typically a CD can hold 700MB of data or 80 minutes of music or videos.

How much video time on 2 GB memory?

A 2 GB memory card will hold 30 minutes of HD video or 50 minutes of standard quality video. The actual amount of record time varies greatly based on the camera and its recording method.

How much memory does a 2gb memory card hold?

Not much on anything, but that depends on what you are using.

Why does video take much memory?

Video is like a series of pictures

How much can a iPod touch hold music?

The number of gigabytes of the iPod times 256 will come out to the approximate number of songs it can hold if you don't use the memory for anything else.

How much memory does 2GB hold for a phone music and pictures?

it can hold up to 500 songs on a 2gb phone but with pictures it could hold up to 250 songs and 250 pictures all together

How much memory can a CD hold?


How much memory can a DVD hold?


How much memory can 250GB hold?


How much 640 x 480 video can 16gb hold?

It Hold Around 1800 Video.

How much memory does a 1gb memory card hold?

around 100-300pic

How much memory can the memory card hold for the playstation 2?

8 MB

How much memory does a PDA typically hold?

The PDA can typically hold between 16 MB to 64 MB of memory.

How much memory does a hard disk hold?

There is no limit to how much memory a hard disk can hold. You can buy a hard disk that holds 16 GB for example.

How much memory can an 80 GB hold?

They can hold up to 80 GB.