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There are many in the various sections, including woodwind instruments and string instruments.

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What types of musical instruments can be provided by Drums Musical Instruments?

Drums Musical Instruments offer many types of instruments such as drums, pianos, keyboards, guitars, basses, marching instruments, percussion instruments, string instruments and specialty musical instruments.

Compare the musical instruments of India to musical instrument to the Philippines?

The musical instruments of India are far different than the musical instruments of the Philippines. These instruments are made of different materials.

What are the native and modern musical instruments?

the native musical instruments are those were made by your ancestors and the modern musical instruments are those instruments that we us now.

What has the author Subrahmanyam Krishnaswami written?

Subrahmanyam Krishnaswami has written: 'Musical instruments of India' -- subject(s): India, Indic Musical instruments, Musical instruments, Musical instruments, Indic

Where can one contact Trumpet Musical Instruments?

There is no place to contact Trumpet Musical Instruments. It does not exist. There is such a thing as a Trumpet which is a musical instrument but there is no Trumpet Musical Instruments.

What musical instruments begin with w?

Whistle and washboard are musical instruments.

Name all musical instruments?

Instruments there are million's of musical instrument

What are the Qualities of Korean musical instruments?

what are the qualities of the korean musical instruments?

What musical instruments make sound?

All musical instruments do.

Was the drum one of the chief musical instruments for slaves To which group of musical instruments does the drum belong?

No, the drum was not one of the chief musical instruments for slaves. The drum belongs in the percussion group of musical instruments.

What are types of musical instruments?

There are 5 basic types of musical instruments. These types of musical instruments are woodwinds, brass, stringed, percussion, and voice.

What does the musical instruments industry consist of?

This category covers establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing musical instruments and parts and accessories for musical instruments.

Musical instruments starting with x?

Musical instruments that start with x:xylophone

What musical instruments begin with the letter Y?

Musical instruments starting with i are yazoo

What musical instruments start with an r?

Musical instruments that start with r:recorder

Musical instruments that start with an r?

Musical instruments that start with r:recorder

Musical instruments that start with r?

Musical instruments that start with r:recorder

What are the collective nouns for musical instruments?

The collective noun is a parley of musical instruments.

What has the author Sibyl Marcuse written?

Sibyl Marcuse has written: 'A survey of musical instruments' -- subject(s): History, Musical instruments 'Musical instruments'

What are the Musical Instruments used in Annie the Musical?

There are different kinds of musical instruments used in Annie the musical. You can either Google it, it's faster, or search for the songs used in the musical. And find out what musical instruments used in every song.

What was the final Jeopardy category on October 20 2009?

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS is the final category for October 20, 2009!After I got it wrong, the correct answer was displayed ........... so, I thought it would be nice if others might be able to tally up some Sony Rewards points with the right answer.Musical instrumentsmusical instrumentsMusical InstrumentsMusical InstrumentsMusical Instruments

Musical instrument that starts with h?

Harmonica and hap are musical instruments. Harpsichord and Hammond organ are musical instruments.

What has the author Sergio Paganelli written?

Sergio Paganelli has written: 'Musical instruments from the Renaissance to the 19th century' -- subject(s): European Musical instruments, Music in art, Musical instruments, Musical instruments in art, Pictorial works

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