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US average in 2007 was about 980 therms per year per customer.

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How much is the average natural gas bill?

too much.

How much greenhouse gas does the average home emit?

The average Household emits 14 tonnes of green house gas a year

What type of gas is used in household appliances?

natural gas

How much gas does the average person use a year?

Do you mean natural gas, liquid propane gas, or gasoline ?

How much does it cost to power an average home with natural gas?

200,000 dollars

How much natural gas does Wyoming have?

If Wyoming had natural gas, Wyoming would have as much natural gas as Wyoming had.

How much does natural gas cost to make?

You can not make natural is NATURAL.

What is the percentage of methane in natural gas?

On average there is about 95% methane in natural gas, with a range of 87 to 97 %.

How do humans use natural gas?

Natural gas is used mainly to heat homes. It is also used to power household appliances like washing machines and stoves.

What are the drawbacks of natural gas?

The drawbacks are:natural gas does burn quickly and fastnatural gas doesn't five much electricitynatural gas pollutes the air

What is the chemical composition of natural gas?

Natural gas is methane, CH4. Sometimes traces amounts of other things are added, for instance odorizers so that it is possible to smell the gas in case of a leak in the household.

Why does Singapore use natural gas?

Because natural gas doesn't hurt there envirnment as much as our gas

What is an average monthly natural gas bill in dc?

What is an average monthly natural gas bill in dc?Read more: What_is_an_average_monthly_natural_gas_bill_in_dc

What is the natural gas strip?

It is the average of the daily settlement price of the next 12 months futures contracts for natural gas.

Is natural gas a liquid gas or solid?

Natural gas in its normal form is a gas. When natural gas is cooled to a temperature of -162 degrees C, it is compressed into a liquid is is 1/600th its original size. Liquefied natural gas is much easier to transport then compressed natural gas.

Why is natural gas called clean gas?

Natural gas is called a clean gas because it burns much cleaner than any other fuel. When natural gas is used in vehicles, the exhaust emissions are much less harmful for the environment.

What is the explosive range of natural gas?

That depends on how much gas there is.

How much natural gas is required to produce 1 ton of steam?

75 m3 of natural gas.

How much is natural gas used for electricity and fuel?

Your question makes no sense, natural gas IS a "fuel".

How much does England pay for gas?

Taking British Gas as an example, gas prices cost a standard household £54 a month.

How much does a therm of natural gas cost?

A therm of natural gas sold to me for home use by Questar Gas cost 92 cents. The cost of a natural gas varies depending on what state you live in. Utah has the lowest cost of natural gas.

Price of gas 1991?

In 1991, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.10 per gallon. The median household income in 1991 was $30,126.00.

How much of our energy is natural gas?


Is natural gas a liquid or gas?

Natural gas can be in either a gos or liquid form. To create a liquified natural gas, the natural gas needs to be filtered and cooled to -162 degrees C. This compresses the gas to 1/600th its original size. This makes it much easier to transport.

How much natural gas does the average American use per day?

it is equivalent to the water going over niagral falls for 30 minutes.