How much natural gas does the average household use?

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US average in 2007 was about 980 therms per year per customer.
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What is the average number of people per household in the US?

It usually averages out to two adults, two children, but with the Baby Boomers coming up some will look after their parents so it ranges from 4 - 5 per household. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The U.S. Census is the official source for this ( Full Answer )

How much energy does the average household use?

According to the Organization of American States' Office for Sustainable Development, the average American household uses about 10,000 kWh yearly. Answer: Canada Natural Resources has measured this for several Canadian cities, a typical city's values (Calgary) is shown at the link. Overall th ( Full Answer )

How much is natural gas?

Natural Gas prices vary depending on the associated market & season. Prices can vary from $5.00 - $9.00/MMBtu depending on the before mentioned variables (and has gone for as high as $25.00 during periods of greatly constrained supply.)

How much natural gas therms do we use?

It is easier for the standard of measurement of Natural gas to be measured in cubic feet. That is how the Gas companies measure the amount of gas produced, used, moved...etc. Since a therm is a measurement of energy we can approximate the usage like this: The energy contained in a a cubic foot of ( Full Answer )

On average how much gas does a RV generator use?

Wow, it really depends on the size of the generator and the particular model.. My 7kW RV generator uses about 0.9 gallons per hour at full load.. My Father's 3.6kW RV Generator uses about half a gallon per hour.

How many watt-hours does the average American household use?

The average American uses 11400 Watts(1.5kw) of power continuously. This is the equivalent of burning 114 x100 Watt light bulbs, all the time. Multiply this times people in an average household and you have your answer. The average person globally uses 2255 Watts of power, or a little less than 23 x ( Full Answer )

How much power is used in a single household?

what household? a 5 million dollar home with all sorts of gadgets and an army of live-in servants and heated driveways and pools, or a little cottage with single retired person in it? the difference can be more than orders of magnitude enough to keep kittens from freezing, i guess. It's lik ( Full Answer )

Average kilowatt hours a us household uses in a month?

From an article about Al Gore's exorbitant energy consumption, dated February 26, 2007: "The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy." 10,656 / 12 = 888 k ( Full Answer )

What is an average monthly natural gas bill in US?

$20-35 in the summer, and $100-200+ in the winter depending on the size of your house and the severity of the winter. It can be less than $100 if you have a small house where it doesn't get too cold. Your bill can run into several 100's for a big house in a northern climate. Average consumption ( Full Answer )

What is the ratio of pet to person in the average US household?

\n. \n. \nMany cities have ordinances limiting the number of pets that you can own. Contact your City Hall.\n. \n. \n_________________________________________________________\n. \nI do not usually just link a site, but it has a good layout. \n. \n

How much hot water does the average UK household use each year?

The average consumption of hot water across all households is 4 litres per person per day for washing machines and 35 litres per person per day for baths and showers. An additional 10 litres of hot water is used for the cleaning of dishes at the sink and for hand and face washing. This gives a total ( Full Answer )

Why is natural gas the best gas for the US?

Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning fuel. The U.S. has the 6th largest natural gas reserve in the world. With this abundance, the price is cheap and the more we develop it, the less we are dependent on foreign oil.

Average electricity use per household in South Africa?

Average consumption per person living in Mamelodi is around 4kWhper capita (i.e. per person living in the house). For middle incomepeople it could be around 8kWh per person and the very richsometimes spend around 25kWh per person per hour. For your family of 4, you should not be spending more than ( Full Answer )

How much gas does an average car use in a year?

The average car uses up 600 gallons of gasoline a year (based on gas consumption of both passenger cars and light trucks), which is an average of 50 gallons of gas a month.

How much natural gas is used in the world each year?

Three thousand billion cubic meters. That is, I think, about 3 trillion cubic meters per year. Not necessarily used, but pumped out of the earth. My source is a History Channel documentary, so not 100% sure of its accuracy.

How much electricity does the average African household use?

Some Africans live in cities, and they might use electricity in the same way that most people in developed nations do. Some Africans live in shanty towns on the edge of cities, they would have a poor electricity supply, or maybe none. Some Africans live in the vast countryside where there is no elec ( Full Answer )

What is the average household debt level in US?

According to this page average credit card debt is more than $4,000 per person and almost $8,000 per household.

What is the average electricity use for households?

The average US home uses 110 volt for most home electronics and light and 220 volt for many appliances. Each breaker in the breaker box can support up to 10 or 20 amps, depending on the rating of the individual breaker. Do NOT replace a breaker with a higher rated breaker! It can start a fire.

How much natural gas do Americans use?

Roughly 50 to 60 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/D) including residential and industrial use.. At 50 bcf/D, this is about 1.5 trillion cubic feet per month or 18.4 trillion cubic feet/year.. See:.

Average water use per household?

North American households use an average of 300 gallons of water per day. (that's not counting the wasteful idiots who clean their driveways off with the garden hose during summer)

How much of the average household consumption can renewable energy provide?

Depending upon where you live, you can choose to pay extra to have your utility provider purchase renewable energy for you. Also, depending upon your location, you already have a certain percentage of your electricity provided from renewable sources, purchased by your utility.. Read up on Renewable ( Full Answer )

What was the average household income in the US 1999?

no it was not 1 cent the AVERAGE and the question was in 1999 not 1000 haha . but the answer would be anywhere between $100-$400 i know because my family at that time had been higher then the average and my dad was making $560 a month on average and other families had less income not by $559.99 so ( Full Answer )

How is natural gas used in the US?

Natural gas is used primarily for heating our homes in the winter months. It is also used to heat water and to wash clothes. Another use for natural gas is to fuel many vehicles, such as garbage trucks and transit buses. It is becoming a much more popular form of vehicle fuel.

Average water used by households?

the average household depends on how many people are in it because one person has an average of 30 gallons per day.

How much gas is in an average fart?

The major components of the flatus, which are odorless, by percentage are: . Nitrogen: 20-90% . Hydrogen : 0-50% . Carbondioxide : 10-30% . Oxygen : 0-10% . Methane : 0-10%

How much natural gas cost?

Natural gas is a traded commodity on the market like oil, or any common stock. Therefore its price can fluctuate, sometimes wildly, especially dependent on the supply and demand for it. As of January 14, 2010, it was at $5.58 per 1000 cubic feet.

How much natural gas does the average household use for heat only?

There are too many variables to consider a particular household to be "average". Fuel consumption will vary by home size, insulation, location, and usage habits. However, typical homes require 50 million to 150 million BTU per year for heat, so assuming 100 million BTU to be about average:. Assume ( Full Answer )

How much energy does an average Texas household use?

I have a 2800sf home and a pool, I live in North Texas. During the summer its about 3000 kwh or $300 to $400 a month. During the winter its about 1500 kwh or $150 to $200 a month.

How much natural gas does your furnace use per hour?

Look at the tag on the inside of the furnace that denotes it`s capacity in btu per hour or btuh. Where it says Rated input which is what has to be put in (fuel) to get the Rated output (heat). That btu number can be anything from say 150,000 down to50,000 or even less. But that is the # you want, th ( Full Answer )

How much electricity single household uses?

In America, we use about 12,000 Watts average every hour of the day per person. A large portion of that is industrial usage, street lighting, commercial space lighting, etc., of course. But that figure of 12 kilowatt hours per hour average is pretty close for a typical home usage, at least according ( Full Answer )

What are the natural fabrics used in households in the 1830s?

They had 2 basic fabrics wool and cotton. Mainly wool was used, but in houses there was very little fabric. Horsehair chairs and sofas were used and a great deal was just wood with nothing because horsehair was very expensive and most people couldn't afford it.

What is a screwfix used for in the average household?

Screwfix items is generally use for all sorts of things in the home. Households with screwfix items like drill bits and sealers can perform multiple work in repairs around the home.

How much is the average gas grill?

Gas grills are a necessity for cooking, with our modern technology today, grills are getting expensive because it offers a more comfortable and easy way of cooking. The average price of gas grills in the US are around $200.

How much percentage of natural gas does the us use in one year?

Natural gas supplies 22% of the energy used in the United Statesand most of it ... of conventional natural gas total about 6,000tcf with perhaps another one-tenth ... At that rate, known reserveswill be adequate for nearly 60 years. ... of gas shales varygreatly and it is not yet clear how much they ( Full Answer )