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Nuclear Fission

How much nuclear energy is produced?

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Is the energy produced by nuclear fusion greater or less than the energy produced by a fission reaction?

Energy produced by nuclear fusion is much greater than (by around 400 times) energy produced by nuclear fission per unit mass.

Is nuclear energy produced by fusion?

Now nuclear energy is produced by fission.

How much energy is produced in nuclear energy?

They make 20 percent of the USA'S energy!

How much of the electrical energy in the us is produced by nuclear fuel?

About 20%

How much of the worlds energy is produced by nuclear power?


What chemicals are in nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is not produced by chemical reactions

Where is the nuclear energy produced in a nuclear reactor?

In the core.

Why are the stars apart of nuclear energy?

The energy of stars is produced by nuclear fusion

What kind of nuclear energy is produced by hydrogen bombs and stars?

This is produced by nuclear fusion

Is the produced from a meteor is produced by nuclear fusion?

No, the impact energy of a meteor is all from kinetic energy, nothing nuclear is involved.

What energy is produced in a nuclear power station?

Nuclear power stations collect nuclear energy, and produce heat energy and electrical energy.

What is the cost of nuclear fusion?

It takes a lot of energy to start, but once it starts the energy produced is much greater.

How does nuclear energy relate to the sun?

The sun's energy is produced by nuclear ENERGY!!! im in

Is nuclear energy produced extracted or refined?

It is produced as refined.

What percent of electrical energy is produced by nuclear energy?

heat energy

What type of energy is produced by nuclear reactions?

kinetic and radiation energies are produced by the nuclear fission reactions. The kinetic energy of fission fragments transfers to heat energy.

How is heat energy produced?

Heat energy can be produced in many ways. From mechanical energy, chemical energy, electrical energy and nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is an alternate energy source produced from atomic reactions true or false?

Nuclear energy uses the fission energy.

What is produced when atoms are split?

Nuclear Energy

How does nuclear energy can be produced?

It does can be produced because my banana said so.

How is nuclear energy produced in nuclear power plants?

The energy is produced in the reactor core. A link is provided to another question that will speak to the working of the core.

What is the source of energy is in nuclear weapons?

Excess nuclear binding energy. Nuclear binding energy is the energy that holds the protons and neutrons together in the nucleus, it is produced by the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.

How is nuclear energy produced in an atom?

Nuclear energy is not "produced" in an atom. It is already there. All we do when we initiate fission or fusion reactions is to move the energy from one frame of reference to another.

Compare and contrast the suns energy with the process of nuclear fusion?

The suns energy is produced by nuclear fusion

How is nuclear energy stored once it has been recovered?

There is no way of storing nuclear energy once it is produced