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A "bump" is really just a means of snorting it. Instead of breaking up a line and snorting that, a bump is just a smaller amount of cocaine that you can put on the edge of a key for example and snort it.

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Q: How much of cocaine is in a bump?
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What are some other names of cocaine?

Some other names for Cocaine are: Blow, Bump, Coke

If you do a bump of cocaine every hour every day what will happen to you?

You will have problems, and eventually die.

Can you test positive on a drug test urine 15 days after kissing a random chick who had just taken a bump of cocaine never used cocaine and didn't know she was using?

Obviously not

How much does a sixteenth of cocaine weigh?

How many grams are there in a sixteenth of crack cocaine

Why is a lie bump called LIE bump?

Because you lie to much

How much would an ounce of cocaine cost in Miami?

Approximately 10 yrs . .

How much does cocaine coast?

you must be on cocaine it you don't know how to spell cost

How much wter do you drink to get cocaine out your system?

Water does not clear cocaine from your system

How muchdoes o.8grams of cocaine?

How much does 0.8 grams of cocaine cost

How much jail time for a kilo of cocaine in Maryland?

How much jail time for a kilo of cocaine in Maryland?

Can you mix cocaine with water and drink instead of snorting injecting or smoking and if so how much cocaine and how much water?

No, this is a bad idea... It would be better to measure out a bump and mix it with water... Trying to absorb it through your stomach wouldn't be the same because of the dilution. You could try sublingual, the main problem with this would be the cost... Yes you could get a buzz from drinking it but it would require more cocaine which means more money. If this is a problem just smoke weed its way different but just as good.

How long does a bump of cocaine stay in your system?

5 - 30 minutes depending on the quality.I think.Google it.