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Viacom owns a lot of things! Their wiki page link is below.

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As of 2000 which of these media operations does Viacom not own?


What is Viacom International Media Networks's population?

The population of Viacom International Media Networks is 5,000.

Does Viacom still own CBS or not?

No, in 2006 CBS and Viacom split into two different companies. Viacom (post-2006) owns Paramount Pictures, and the Viacom Media Networks (formerly MTV Networks). CBS owns the 1971-2005 Viacom a.k.a CBS Corporation, which gives them the rights to the Paramount Television library.

Which company owns Comedy Central?

Comedy Central is owned by Viacom, specifically Viacom Media Networks.

Does Disney own Nickelodeon?

no Disney does not own nickelodeon viacom does

Does MTV own nickelodeon?

No. Both networks are owned by Viacom.

What does the acronym VIACOM stand for?

The acronym VIACOM is short for Video and Audio Communications. The company, based in New York City, is the fourth largest media conglomerate in the world as of December 2012.

How Much Is Viacom Worth?

$727 billion

how scary is Viacom?


Does the Walt Disney Company own Nickelodeon?

No, Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom, Inc.

Does Viacom own Six Flags?

From what research I have been doing, it seems indeed they do.

What is the population of Viacom?

The population of Viacom is 10,580.

Who owns viacom?

Blake mccormick owns viacom

How much of the media does Rupert Murdoch own?


Did Viacom ever own hot topic?

From my research, nothing involving Viacom has been mentioned. It has been rumored that Abercrombie and Fitch does play a hand in the Hot Topic owership chain.

When was Viacom created?

Viacom was created on 2006-01-03.

Do spike lee own spike tv?

No, Spike TV is owned by Viacom and is a subsidiary of MTV.

Does Akshay Kumar owns colors tv?

No, he does not own Colors. Viacom 18 network owns it not Akshay. Akshay did a reality show on it.

What company has 6 letters start with v and ends with m?

The company is Viacom. It is a mass media company with interests in broadcasting and cable operations.

What is the symbol for Viacom Inc in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Viacom Inc. in NASDAQ is: VIA.

What business strategy did Viacom use to obtain a competitive advantage?

Viacom International, Inc.The parent company of Paramount Pictures Corporation, MTV Networks, technically CBS Corporation and The CW television Network just to name a few. Has been supplying media to the American consumer for decades, their claim to fame, Viacom Productions; they started by producing television shows on the CBS television Network long before they became the mass media conglomerate that they are today.Viacom (Video - Audio - Communications) has stayed top of their game by not just by operating the majority of the media, but also by contributing as well as listening to their viewers and being respectful of their needs.Viacom has countless numbers of foundations all across the world.Their most well known,, educates people about the growing threats of HIV in America and around the world.Viacom also recently donated $ 1 million dollars to the building of a memorial in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King,

Is McDonald's owned by Viacom?

Yes it is! Most things are owned by Viacom! :P (I think is it anyway!)

What is the ticker symbol for Viacom?

The ticker symbol for Viacom is VIA and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Who owns cbs?

Viacom :]

Who is the owner of nickelodeon?


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