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All of the moon reflects light, but what is visible from earth depends on the moon cycle and the location of the observer. A full moon means the whole side of the moon we see is lit, and the lit portion continues to trail off until the New Moon, which reflects almost no light at all back to earth. We should also note that half the moon is lit up at all times, except during eclipses. It is just that from earth, we see the moon go through phases.

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Q: How much of the moon reflects the light of the sun?
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Where does the moon receive the light that it reflects?

It reflects light from the sun.

Does the moon make it's own light?

No because the Moon reflects the light of the Sun.

Why does the moon reflected so much light?

The moon reflects so much light because the moon reflect the light of the sun. The amount of light on the moon that is showing is directly related to the position to the moon. (From

What the moon does to light from the sun?

it reflects the light.

Why can a moon have light?

the sun reflects off the moon.

Is moon source of light?

No. The moon reflects light off the sun.

Why does the moon shine if it is not a light source?

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun.

Were does moon reflects light from?

the light from the sun refects off the moon

Is the moon a natural source of light though it reflects the sun's light?

No- it reflects the natural light of the sun, so the sun is the source.

Does the moon reflects light?

I'm glad you asked! Everyone asks this. The moon does NOT reflect light. Why? Because the light from the sun reflects onto the moon, making the moon have pure light to fill the sky. Hope this helped!!

How does the moon get light?

well it reflects light from the sun

Were does light from the moon come from?

it reflects light from the sun