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Q: How much of the worlds carbon dioxide emission does is the US responsible for by burning fossil fuels?
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What is the opposite of carbon dioxide?

Negative carbon dioxide emission is the opposite of carbon dioxide. The formula for carbon dioxide is CO2.

What groups are responsible for creating carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is the product of organic materials (and carbon) burning or is released in the thermal decomposition of carbonates, fermentation etc.

Make sentence with word 'emission'?

The increasing emmission of Carbon dioxide is thought to be largely responsible for Global warming.

What is best reducing emission of carbon dioxide?

The best way of reducing emission of carbon dioxide is to use carbon-free or reduced-carbon materials

What is it called when carbon dioxide is released?


Why is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change so concerned about the emission of carbon dioxide?

The emission of carbon dioxide from human activities (largely the burning of fossil fuels) has been identified as one of the main contributors to global warming. (The other is deforestation.) Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, released from burning fossil fuel is old carbon from millions of years ago. So it is not part of the carbon cycle. Rather it is adding to and overloading the carbon cycle, which cannot remove it. This extra gas is causing global warming.

What gases will extinguish a burning splint?

carbon dioxide

Can carbon dioxide come from fire?

Yes. Burning carbon or a carbon compound will produce carbon dioxide.

Where does carbon dioxide originate?

Carbon dioxide is the result of burning carbon or carbon containing materials.

Does burning coal give off carbon dioxide?

Yes, the burning of any hydrocarbon produces carbon dioxide. This equation illustrates the burning of a hydrocarbon.CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O + energyAs you can see carbon dioxide is produced along with water and energy.Yes burning coal or any carbon based fuel produces carbon dioxide.

Why is there an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

burning fossil fuels

How does cars put carbon dioxide into the air?

Burning gasoline releases the carbon dioxide.