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Kate is older than Jon by about 2 yrs

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How much older is Kate than pippa?

kate is older by one year

How much older is William than kate?

Kate is actually 6 months older than William.

What was life like for Kate Gosselin growing up?

"My childhood, was much more boring than our eight kids. I did nothing, I sat around, but that's why me and Jon do things with the kids." -Kate Gosselin (a quote from the show)

How much older is Alexis than all the rest kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Alexis is the oldest of the Gosselin sextuplets. They were born by c-section, and were delivered very quickly (6 minutes) so she is just a few minutes older than the remaining 5 siblings. She is 3.5 years younger than her older sisters, Cara and Madelyn.

Is mary kate older than Ashley or is Ashley older than mary kate?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are twins, they are the same age.

What was Kate Gosselins childhood like?

"My childhood, was much more boring than our eight kids. I did nothing, I sat around, but that's why me and Jon do things with the kids." -Kate Gosselin (a quote from the show)

How many minutes is Ashley older than Mary-Kate Olsen?

Ashley is two minutes older than Mary-Kate

Who is older Jon or Kate?

Kate is two years older than Jon. They mention it all the time in the show

When does Kate Gosselin go to bed?

I seen online than it was around 10:00 p.m.

Who is taller - Cara or Madelyn Gosselin?

Cara is a little bit taller than Madelyn Gosselin.According to Kate Gosselin (via Twitter):"Cara is abt (about) two plus inches taller than mady! Totally different builds but best friends :)"

Which olsen twin is older?

Ashley is older than Mary-kate by 2 minutes

Who is older from the olsen twins?

Ashley is 2 minutes older than Mary-Kate

Who is older Mary-kate or Ashley Olsen?

Ashley is 4 minutes older than Mary~Kate x hope it helps xx

Are Jon and Kate short only 5 feet tall?

Jon and Kate Gosselin are each slightly taller than average. Neither are only five feet tall.

Will Kate Gosselin be on a TV show other than - 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' or 'Kate Plus 8'?

Possibly. Kate Gosselin mentioned on the Today show a few days ago that a show is being planned with her in it but without the children. According to reports, it would most likely be a talk show. There are rumors of Kate participating in a pilot for talk show based on a panel of women.

What are facts about Cara Gosselin?

She is a few minutes older than mady She is sweet, caring, and everyones friend

Who is the older olsen twin?

Ashley Olsen is older than Mary- Kate Olsen by two minutes.

Where does Kate Gosselin live when Jon is home with the kids?

Kate doesn't have a condo or a house. She lives in a hotel room or she's traveling for work (aka book signings, news interviews, etc.). Jon is gone more than Kate though, so she doesn't have to worry about where she's staying as much.

How much older are the twins than the sextuplets on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

The twins are 4 years older than the sextuplets. The twins were born in October 2000, and the sextuplets were born in May 2004.

Why did the Gosselins shutting down Jon and Kate Plus 8?

"Jon and Kate Plus 8" ended in the wake of Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce. At that time Jon Gosselin expressed concerned about the impact of production on his children. In the ensuing conflict and marital discord, "Jon and Kate Plus 8" came to an end. Filming was stopped and less than a year later, Kate Gosselin and the children were featured in a short lived follow-on "Kate Plus 8."

Who is smarter Cara or Mady Gosselin?

The following are words from Kate Gosselin. "Mady is better at math than Cara, but Cara is better at sports than Mady." In my opinion, the twins are equally intelligent even though Mady may act otherwise.

Who is older between the Olsen twins?

Ashley Olsen is older than Mary- Kate Olsen by two minutes.

How much older was hitlers wife than him?

She was not older than Hitler, she was much younger than him.

Who is Kate Gosselins hairstylist?

Kate Gosselin has her hair colored and cut at Diane's Hair Design in Pennsylvania. The person who gave her a reverse mullet was none other than the people of Diane's Hair Design.

What happened to Kate Gosselins Parents?

Not much is known about Kate Gosselin's parents other than they are alive and Kate does not have much of a relationship with them. Kate also has siblings.

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