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7000 tones and the government think that homework is a total wast of time when they think that the children could be going out and burning off fat and its not right to keep them in doing work when they could do the educational work at the school in the school hours instead of wasted at home

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Google seach: amounte of paper a tree process!

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No studies have been done on this

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Q: How much paper is wasted on homework?
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How much paper is wasted on homework each day in an average middle school?

The only wasted paper comes from those students who write down the answers they get from this site without doing any of the work themselves.

How much paper is wasted?


How many trees are made into paper then wasted?

It is about more then 5000 billion. And over 550 billion of that is homework!

How much paper is wasted on voting?

1o tons of paper

How much paper is wasted by schools?


How much paper is wasted per billboard?

about 2 sheets a day. But if that goes on for a week, 14 sheets of paper are already wasted!

How much paper is wasted on cigarettes every year?

about 3000

Are you a tree killer when you do to much homework?

YES,becuase every time you do homework you waste paper and paper = trees

How much paper is wasted in a month?

nobody know but i think alot

How much of earth's trees does homework use up?

homework uses up tons of paper

Is wasted a verb?

yes because a verb is a doing word Every day I waste paper. Yesterday I wasted paper. No. I was feeling wasted, so I sat down. (wasted is an adjective)

How much paper does homework waste?

it depends on a different variety of things.