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Q: How much participation in government did Egypt citizens have?
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How much citizen participation does Mexico have?

Mexico has very little citizen participation. There is so much corruption that the government and the citizens do not care for each other.

How much participation in government did Egyptian citizens have prior to the event described in the headline?

Egyptian citizens did have some participation in government. This, however, was not effective because the Mubarak regime had the ultimate say. It would take mass rebellion as part of the Arab spring to finally oust Mubarak and his corrupt regime from power. Recent events, however, did prove that Mubarak was not as corrupt as his political opponents made him out to be.

What is citizen participation?

Citizen participation is the same as voting in the United States for representatives and Presidents. Under federalism the founding fathers created the Constitution which grants the American Citizen the right to vote and cannot be denied based on race, color, sex, or previous servitude.

What role do citizens play in euopes government?

Not as much as some citizens would like!

Why were the citizens of the Soviet Union unhappy with their government?

The citizens of the soviet union were unhappy with their government because they spect too much of their money on the military.

How much power do the citizens of Mexico have to change the government?

not much but they do have some say

How much power do the citizens have to change the government in Kuwait?


How much power do the citizens have to change the government in cuba?


How much should the government intervene in the private lives of citizens?

Not at all

Which group wants to protect citizens from too much government power?


Is France a non state?

No. France is very much a state. It has a government, citizens, and territory.

Which country's citizens believes that their government has too much power over their lives?