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Q: How much per ounce is Rogers Brothers sterling silver silverware worth?
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Is william rogers silverware real silver?

What percentage of silver is Rogers&bro silverware

How can you tell which WM Rogers silverware is silver and which is silver plate?

If it is sterling it will be imprinted on the piece. Otherwise it is silver plate. Most Rogers Brothers is silver plate.

Were can you find nice sterling silver silverware?

Sterling silver silverware can be found at many antique shops. Pawn shops, estate sales and even rummage sales frequently have sterling silver silverware.

What does the IS on silverware stand for?

IS stands for International Silver (Company). FB Rogers, Wm Rogers, and Rogers Bros. (or Rogers & Sons) were some of the American silverplate manufacturers that were combined into the International Silver Company in 1898. The IS mark indicates the flatware is silverplate, rather than sterling.

How do you know if silverware is sterling silver?

It will state "sterling" on it in most cases

What does IS stamped on Rogers silver fork mean?

The IS on Wm Rogers Silverware stands for International Silver.

Is silverware wm a rogers silver nickel r real?

is there william a rogers silver nickel

What is the history of 1847 rogers silverware?

Rogers Brothers is a silverware company that actually began in the 1820's but apparently used the actual Rogers Bros. name for the first time in 1847. Also, it seems that 1847 Rogers Bros silver plate or at least the trademark is still being manufactured or used today by the International Silver Company. In the late 1800's, Rogers Bros merged with or was purchased by the International Silver Company.

Does IS stamped on William A Rodgers silverware indicate sterling silver?

no it means international silver

How do you tell if rogers 1881 silver is plate or pure?

All Rogers items made in the 1881 line are plated. 1881 is the name of a group of silverware patterns, not the year it was made. Rogers did not make any sterling items in the 1881 pattern group.

What is International Silver Company XII silverware worth?

Do these two silverware companies use sterling silver or silverplate: Internationl & co., and Imperial.

Is theW M Rogers you S flatware silver?

No, it's actually silver plate. The original pattern was created in 1881, probably by one of the many Rogers labels. Today the patterns are re-created by Oneida and International Silver. I have a set of this silverware marked "1881 Rogers A1" and unraveled the history after a lot of research. My particular pattern is called "Scotia" and was made in 1915, but I obviously thought it was from 1881. If there is a "sterling" mark on the silver, you have sterling.However, most of the Rogers pieces are silver plate. If there is an "IS" marking, check International Silver for the pattern.