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22 and a half. :D safe blud.

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โˆ™ 2009-05-08 13:45:02
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Q: How much popcorn does pop secret have?
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What is Pop Secret popcorn?

Pop Secret popcorn is a delicious microwave popcorn that has a unique flavor called Homestyle that is MUCH better than any other popcorn flavor out there!!

How much dose pop secret popcorn pop?


What is the history on Pop Secret popcorn?

it is the best made popcorn

How many pieces of popcorn does pop secret pop?


When was pop secret popcorn invented?


Will popcorn America's choice or pop-secret pop the most kernals?

pop-secret pops alot!

What different brands of popcorn can you find at Walmart?

Orville redenbachers, pop secret, walmart brand, popcorn, and i love ponies Orville redenbachers, pop secret, walmart brand, popcorn, and i love ponies

What is pop secret popcorn made of?

it is made of popcorn that is found in mexcio and interduse to europeans

Does Orville Act 2 popcorn or Pop Secret popcorn pop the most kernals?

Act 2 pops more kernels

What are some main popcorn brands?

Jolly Time Jiffy Pop Pop Secret

Why doesn't Walmart sell Pop Secret any more?

They do sell pop secret popcorn Ask a worker for help

How many popcorn kernels are in one bag of pop secret?


Which popcorn brand pops the most popcorn?

I just did a science project on this i found out that Pop secret is the best i got an A+

What are some popular brands of popcorn?

Jolly Time Orville Redenbacher Pop Secret Jiffy Pop Pop Weaver

Name all the different brands of popcorn?

Orville Redenbachers Act11 Smart Pop Pop Secret

What brand of popcorn leaves the most unpopped kernels?

Pop Secret

What are some popcorn brands?

breanas popcorn is the best in the world there is no doubt about it :) But other brands include Orville Redenbacher, Pop Secret, ACT Two, Jiffy Pop, Pop Weaver, Great Valu

How many kernels are in a bag of pop secret popcorn?

ea sports

Popcorn brands names?

Orville RedenbacherPop SecretFiddle FaddleCracker JackAct IIJiffy PopCrunch 'n MunchThese are the names of some popcorn brands.

Which type of popcorn is the best overall?

pop secret- movie theater butter or ultimate buttr

What kind of popcorn is the best brand?

I answered this question for my science project and out of Orville Redenbacher's, Act II, and Pop-Secret, Orville Redenbacher's had the least amount of kernels left in average after three tests, but after eating nine bags of popcorn Pop-Secret definitely had the best taste. So, if your willing to spend the money buy Pop-Secret!

How is microwave popcorn popped?

Microwaves heat popcorn up so much that it makes them pop.

What are the brand names of popcorn?

Orville Redenbacher Pop Secret Fiddle Faddle Cracker Jack Jiffy Pop Crunch 'n Munch

Do brand name popcorn pop better then store brand?

i have done a science experiment before, and "pop secret" wuz the best brand

What popcorn leaves the most kernels Orville Act2 Jolly Time or Pop Secret?

Act 2!