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breanas popcorn is the best in the world there is no doubt about it :)

But other brands include Orville Redenbacher, Pop Secret, ACT Two, Jiffy Pop, Pop Weaver, Great Valu

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Q: What are some popcorn brands?
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Is popcorn unhealthy?

It depends if there is salt or not. There are many different brands of popcorn so some are healthy and some not.

What are some brands of popcorn?

Orville , Jolly Time

What brands are considered gourmet popcorn?

There are a number of brands of popcorn that are considered to be gourmet. For example, the brands Garret and Rocky Mountain are two examples. Other local popcorn brands can also be considered gourmet.

Popcorn brands names?

Orville RedenbacherPop SecretFiddle FaddleCracker JackAct IIJiffy PopCrunch 'n MunchThese are the names of some popcorn brands.

What are some main popcorn brands?

Jolly Time Jiffy Pop Pop Secret

What brand of popcorn is there?

One of the premium brands of popcorn is Amish Country. There are many different brands but none tastes as good as Amish Country.

Do different brands of popcorn leave different amounts of unpopped kernals?

yes. the brands of popcorn do leave different amounts of unpopped kernals.

Does all popcorn have butter on it?

No, some brands offer "Natural" flavored popcorn. You can also buy bagged kernels and pop them on your stovetop with your own ingredients.

What are materials for different brands of popcorn leaves different amounts of unpopped kernels?

popcorn bags,a microwave,

Do all brands of popcorn contain the same percentage of water?

NO based on the percentage of water in popcorn experiment

How many microwave popcorn brands are there?

More than 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

What are some popular brands of popcorn?

Jolly Time Orville Redenbacher Pop Secret Jiffy Pop Pop Weaver

Do different brands of popcorn leave different ammounts of unpopped kernals?

Yes. I did the experiment for a science project for school and I found out that different brands of popcorn do leave different amounts of unpopped kernals.

Does different brands of butter flavored popcorn pop the same amount of popcorn?

Yes, it just taste a little different.

What brands of popcorn can you find at Walmart?

great value and aci II

Which brand of popcorn pops the most popcorn?

I think one of the popcorn popper brands that pops the biggest amount of popcorn is the Stir Crazy popcorn popper. I used the Back to Basics Electric Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper and I can make 5 to 6 quartz of popcorn which is equivalent to 24 cups of popped popcorn.

How can you buy popcorn?

Most popcorn can be purchased at local grocery stores. However if you are looking for gourmet popcorn, you will probably have to search online. Gourmet popcorn tastes much better than most store brands.

Does popcorn have glutton in it?

some popcorn does..other popcorn doesnt

What diffrent brands of popcorn can you find at Walmart?

well you obviosly have to go to walmart snd go into an ile with popcorn and look at the kinds of popcorn and ii knoe im not going to walmart to find that out

What different brands of popcorn can you find at Walmart?

Orville redenbachers, pop secret, walmart brand, popcorn, and i love ponies Orville redenbachers, pop secret, walmart brand, popcorn, and i love ponies

Which are the best popcorn machines?

The best popcorn machines are from reputable brands such as Gold Medal, Paragon, or Maxi-matic. A popcorn machine should be purchased in new condition in order to ensure functional parts.

Which brand of popcorn taste the best overall other brands?

That depends on who you are. I like Orville

How many brands of microwave popcorn are there?

When you get the pop corn read the back. There's alot

What are three sentences for the word popcorn?

Toffee popcorn is better than salted.I bought some popcorn for the movie tonight.She always steals my popcorn, even when I offer to buy her some.

What is the best popcorn brands?

That is largely a choice that your own taste buds will determine. However Amish Country is considered by many to be the best tasting popcorn brand.