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How much power do modern computers use?


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65-250 depending on the computer



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Modern home computers are usually very efficient and use little power but it would depend on the make, model and monitor.

Because modern businesses use computers.

Virtually every job in modern society uses computers.

The Allied Forces military used the computers in its first elemental form. In time use of the computers extended from military use to government use and commercial use. But those computers could be as big as our living rooms and still not have as much computer power as a calculator of today.

That varies from computer to computer depending on how much power it needs. Some computers even have several different fuses.

Though computers plug into AC outlets, their power supplies convert that current to lower-voltage DC power for use internally.

Almost all computers today use MS windows.

Yes in the modern world they use computers.

Since the second generation transistorized computers there has been no use of vacuum tubes in computers except for one thing, CRT displays. In the last few years even that has been eliminated by modern flat panel LCD & LED displays, which are much lighter and less power hungry than CRT displays were.

Modern computers currently in use today typically belong to the fourth generation of computers which was marked by the introduction of the microprocessor. There are some instances of fifth generation computers in use today, but for the most part this generation is still in the research phase.

Pressing the power button and logging in...

They development of modern computers was a quantum leap for society.

None, modern computers use integrated circuits.

People use computers alot because there are zillions of things to do on them, and they're unlimited.

Apple macs are the easiest computers to use. Macs are perfect for people who do not know much about computers, or do not want to learn much about how computers work. They are also perfect for people who do know a lot about computers or who do want to learn about how computers work. The operating system is simple to use and can be mastered quickly.

because they don't use up as much power as normal so they are not taking as much electricity or if they are laptops then they wont need charging as much

Computers work in powers of 2 (because they have two states at each point - on or off). 16 is a power of 2, so computers can use it as well as they use binary.

Alot, I belive desktop powersupplys can run anywhere between 300-3000 watts in home computers and have there own cooling fan and laptop are much smaller and much less powerful most home computers do not use the full power of there powersupply and most laptops the powersupply is acculy always fully in use

The Power Supply (PSU) supplies power to the computer. It converts power from the wall (AC power) to DC POWER, which is the type of power computers use.

Computers of the 1950s were very different than modern computers. They took up so much space that it often required several rooms. They also had huge power requirements and generated large amounts of heat. Computers of the 1950s were also highly unreliable, often requiring many hours of troubleshooting and programming to accomplish a few minutes of productive work. Also, computers of that era were not useful for much more than mathematical calculations, there being no internet to surf or games to play, most homes had no need or use for a computer.

No sir/ma'am they did not have games on the computers. Back then they would use computers for research and military use not much of a use for video games. if you have any more questions feel free to ask me.

they use too much energy

Modern computers were in experimental use in the 40's and 50's. During the 60's, computers were more common but only among governments or computer research companies.

Modern computers typically do not use a coprocessor. Floating-point capabilities are built into the CPU.

Many modern feed mills increasingly rely on computer technology

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