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About 1000 watts per square meter is the maximum power that can hit the surface of the Earth in most places. This requires the best angle to the sun and clear sky conditions.

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How much energy is produced by solar power?

less then 1%

How much energy can be produced by solar updraft tower?


How much power does it take to milk 1 cow?

Energy 1,000kb of powerSolar 10hrs- of solar power

How much energy is used to power a solar power plant?


Does solar energy create as much energy as coal?

"Create as much energy" is poorly defined. The amount of energy produced from solar energy will depend on the surface area used for solar panels, the weather, the efficiency of the panels, and for how long it is used. Similarly, the amount of energy produced by a coal power plant would depend on its size, its efficiency (which of course may also vary), and for how long it is used. Please think about what exactly you want to compare.

How much CO2 is produced by solar power?

That would depend entirely on how the solar power is harnessed, but using the common methods: none.

Is solar power any better than normal power?

Solar power has advantages. One advantage of solar power is that solar power can be consistently used for power. Solar energy will never run out. Another advantage of solar power is that the energy is clean. Typical solar panels live for about ten years. Energy payback from a typical installation is about 40 years. As a result, most panels will never give back as much power as they took to build.

How much energy does solar power generate?

130 percent more than wind energy energy

How much solar energy comes from the sun?

Enough solar energy hits the earth every second to power the earth for a week.

Is generator used in nuclear or solar energy?

Generators are nearly always used for nuclear power, and sometimes used for solar power. In nuclear power plants, the reactor makes steam to run a generator. Much of solar produced electricity does not use a generator, but produces power through a photovoltaic effect. Concentrated solar can be used to make steam to run a generator.

How much energy per day is produced from solar panels?

This depends entirely on the efficiency and size of the solar panels, and the lighting conditions.

How much solar energy is produced in California?

Not enough america is one of the contenders to global warming.

How reliable is solar energy?

The Sun is scheduled to remain shining as at present for the next several billion years. Solar energy is dependent on the Sun's rays reaching the solar panel, so on cloudy days the panels produce very much less power, although they do produce a little, as the salesmen are keen to emphasize.But the point about solar energy is that every unit or kWh of electricity produced by solar contributes to the pool of power, to the extent that 1 kg of carbon dioxide is not emitted by the local fossil-fuelled power plant.

How much of the worlds energy is produced by nuclear power?


How much power is produced by one solar cell?

96 volts per minute Thanks

How much Electric power in India generated by solar energy in MW?


How much energy does solar power produce?

solar cells generate electric currents directly from the sun light

How much solar energy is left in this world?

ANSWER:Solar energy is of course produced from the collection of sunlight by solar cells. Our Sun is considered to be 4.5 billion years and its going to be around at least that much longer. See the related link for more information.

What are the social effect on solar energy?

In the future, solar energy shall become much more efficient, making electricity power cheaper. Nowadays it represents a small fraction of the total energy produced on the whole world. However, as new technologies on solar energy become more advanced, it will be an important (and cheap) source of energy. Residences will be able to store energy from the sun, so dropping the cost of the monthly energy bill.

How do you harvest solar power?

Solar Power is primarily harvested by placing solar cells mostly made up of elements such as silver which take in the sunlight and later convert it into electrical energy. Though the energy produced in less in amount when compared to other energy sources such as coal and petroleum, it is a much cleaner fuel than both of them and is a non-renewable source of energy. Nowadays, it has become more popular due to it's non-pollution feature.

How much energy produced by ethanol?

how much ethanol energy is produced

Is solar power an option in the north pole?

I do not think so. There is not much sun at the noth pole is there? And the, solar panel would not get much energy would it?

Who likes solar energy?

There is not much to dislike about solar energy.

How much of the United States energy production comes from Solar energy?

Less than 1% , because solar is not stable enuf becaus in winter or cloudy days it won't produse any energy,same with wind, 85% of our energy comes from fossil fuels because of the amount of power produced compared to the amount of product ( there cosintrated)

What are some disadvantages of solar energy?

Solar energy depend on sunlight, so cloudy days don't generate as much power.Solar energy is only collected during daylight, so evening power needs to be stored in batteries and in other ways.Solar panels are expensive, but they are getting cheaper every year.

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