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any amount, about how much you can withstand

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Q: How much radiation is too much?
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How is Earth protected from receiving too much solar radiation?

the ozone layer protectes Earth from too much solar radiation

Why is too much exposure to radiation dangerous?

Too much radiation from the sun can permanently damage your skin and could cause skin cancer.

Does radiation therapy make you sterile?

If the radiation technician was not careful and used too much radiation it could happen but radiation machines are designed not to release too much radioactivity. Trust me no medical professional would want to use a lot of radiation because he would harm the patient and himself.

What can too much radiation cause?

a tornado

What can result from too much radiation?


The ozone layer protects us from too much?

Too much ultra violet radiation. It does so by using the radiation to create more ozone and warming the upper atmosphere.

Why did madame curie die from too much radiation?

Because she had too much radiation. She lived on planet Mercury, where their is no ozone layer or atmosphere to protect humans from the harmful rays of the sun.

What protects us from too much UV radiation?

The ozone protects us from much UV radiation. It is present as ozone layer.

Why is it unlikely that the first cell evolved at the earth sirface?

There was too much UV radiation

Is lungs affected by nuclear radiation?

Yes, nuclear radiation can affect the lungs. The radiation can be cancerous and dangerous, so try not to breathe too much of it.

Why can too much ultraviolet radiation be harmful?

Too much ultraviolet can be harmful because of its properties. UV are high energy rays.

Is radiation good for you?

Radiation, put bluntly, is not good for you. It mutates or destroys cells in your body and this is often how cancer can occur, through too much radiation poisoning.

What protects little thing from too much ultraviolet radiation?

Their size. The smaller something is, the less ultraviolet radiation it can receive.

Does The film badge keep radiation workers safe from radiation?

Not directly, but it allows them to monitor how much dose of radiation they have received over a period of time, so they can look at it and check they haven't received too much dosage.

Dangers of infrared radiation?

The danger to people from too much Infra-Red radiation is very simple - overheating

What protects living things from too much ultraviolet radiation?

the ozone layer

How does the stratosphere help protect earth from too much ultraviolet radiation?

It has ozone

What happens if there's too much ozone?

The Earth doesn't get enough radiation.

What protects livings things from too much ultraviolet radiation?

the ozone layer

What happens if a person has too much radiation?

he glows. And then dies.

What will happen to man when one gets too much radiation?

he will burn from the inside out

What radiation causes skin cancer?

Ultra-violet radiation, on certain individuals of white skin who are exposed under too much sunlight.

How did madame curie die?

She was exposed to too much radiation so she blew up.

Skin cancer can be caused by too much exposure to what?

Ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun.

Why was it unlikely that the first cell evolved at the earth's surface?

There was too much UV radiation