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How much rain does the grasslands get?

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It varies from place to place.

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What are grasslands?

grasslands are grassy and lots of animals live in the grasslands with little rain and not much trees.

How much rain do grasslands get?


How much precipitation is in grasslands?

there is approximately a rain fall of 27 inches per month in the grasslands

How much rainfall in the grasslands?

the grasslands get about 250 and 900 mm (9.8 and 35 in) of rain per year

What prevents most trees from growing in grasslands?

In grasslands there are very little rain. This makes it so not much trees grow there. Grass does not need much rain.I hope this helps you!-AGC

How much precipitation do grasslands get?

Grasslands can receive 250-900 mm (9.8-35 in.) of rain per year.

What prevents temperate grasslands from having trees?

too much rain

What is unique about grasslands?

the tropical grasslands get much rain (up to 120cm.) they flourish with animals and vegetation, and have a very steady climate.

How much does it rain in a year in the grasslands?

There is about 30 inches of rainfall per year.

Does it rain in grasslands?

Yes, but there is very little rain

Does it rain in the grasslands?


How much rain does the grasslands get per year?

Approxamately 20 -35 inches of rainfall.

How much rainfall does a grassland get?

Grasslands get about 10-30 inches of rain per year.

Is there a difference between temperate grasslands and grasslands?

ya the temperature and rain

Is there acid rain in the grasslands?


Are a major physical region of the world not enough rain falls to support a forest but too much rain fails to create a desert?

grasslands :)

General facts about the grasslands?

Grasslands get 50-100 mm of rain per year

How much does rain a year in the Savannah grasslands?

it gets one hundred and fifty five thousand gallons.

The riches of all the biomes are a the rain forests or b the grasslands?

the rain forest

What is a major physical region of the world where not enough rain falls to make a forest but too much rail falls to be a desert?

Grasslands. Tropical grasslands are also known as savannas.

What is grasslands climate?

Grasslands are dry, very windy, and the temperature varies from 113 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and -49 degrees in the winter. Usually no colder than 20 degrees in Africa. There are actually different types of grasslands like temperate grasslands Savannah grasslands and so on....they are not always dry..the Savannah gets 30-50 inches of rain per year and temperate grassland don't get very much rain at all

What is the average rainfall in the Grasslands?

The average amount of rain fall in the Grasslands area is about 42.5 inches a year.

Do grasslands have trees?

There arent very many, but there are some. Grasslands get little rain, not enough to sustain trees.

What are the vegetation regions of Japan?

Japan has grasslands and rain forests mostly rain forests.

Do leopards live in rain forest mountains or grasslands?

leopards live in the rain forest

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