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haleem eats all the cattle the fat boiii

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Q: How much recycled water does Australia use every year on cattle?
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Should Australia use recycled water for human consumption?

only when it is filtered

Is the idea of recycled water unique in Australia?

no some other countres are doing it too

What is recycled water?

recycled water is evaporation

Why does cattle need water?

every thing needs water to live with out it we would die

How many plastic water bottles are recycled every year in the US?

Annually Americans consume 8.6 gallons of bottled water

How long do water bottles need to weather?

Water bottles need approximately 700 years to weather if they are put in a landfill instead of being recycled. Around 1,500 water bottles are put in a landfill every second and only 79 get recycled.

Is water lost or recycled when it evaporates or is steamed?

It is recycled.

Is it good to drink recycled water?

it depends on how you mean recycled but yes recycled water is filtered so i would say its safe

How water is recycled?

Water is recycled by the water cycle. You know evaporation, condensation, precipitation, etc.

Why you use recycled water?

You have recycled & reclaimed witch is all most the same thing. Recyled water can be used to water city or private properties &; parks also you're tolit water is recycled & reenterduced back into the water supply

What is an acceptable use for recycled water?

Recycled water can be used in ponds and streams, in irrigation facilities, industrial uses, and in dust control. Recycled water is sometimes called reclaimed water.

Why could water be labeled 100 percent recycled?

all water is 100% recycled. We still have the same water that was here from the beginning of the earth. Anyone could call water 100% recycled