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How much should I charge for cleaning a house in Oregon?

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1- Size of the house 1 room or a 20 room mansion

2- Is this considered a Toxic clean up where a license and insurance is required mold, oil spillage, Mercury, asbestos, fecal matter

3- What is the cost of your over head?

A- Payroll

B- Advertising


It would be like me asking how much to buy a car Bentley or Yugo and trying to get a decent response

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Which cleaning supplies should I purchase before cleaning a very dirty house?

All of the supplies that you should purchase before you even start all of the cleaning of your house should be the all of the janitorial supplies that are needed.

Approximately, how much does a professional cleaning service charge per hour?

Its really hard to say, it depends on the size of the house, what all they will be cleaning, and how many people you hire. You can call a cleaning service and talk to them they should be able to tell you exactly.

How much do you charge for cleaning houses in Spanish?

¿Cuánto cobras por limpiar casas? = How much do you charge for cleaning houses? ¿Cuánto cobras por limpiarme mi casa? = How much do you charge to clean my house for me?

Where is the best commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma?

I prefer House Cleaning Because I apparently live in oklahoma and i have tried almost all the cleaning services, and This is the best one. You should try House Cleaning.

what should i charge for a house cleaning job in owensboro. what is the going rate?

It depends on what you are asking for, and if its an ongoing contract. If its just general sweeping, dusting, mopping, vaccuming, bathrooms etc, then 150-200 a month for once a week cleaning is reasonable. If its a huge house, or reall dirty, or a one time gig, then you should charge at least 50 a day. you can always check local postings for services to see plublished rates.

How much should one charge for domestic house cleaning and ironing?

The amount one should charge would depend on several factors: skill, speed, and location. Check with other house cleaners and domestic workers in your area. Ordinarily, a private person will charge a bit less than a commercial company -- but they might charge more, if very fast and skillful. Im thinking of doing it locally, do you think it would be reasonable to charge £5 per hour for cleaning and ironing, £2 per item for adult clothes and £1 per item for children's clothes.

What qualifications should I have if I want to apply for a house cleaning job?

There are no educational qualifications for most house cleaning jobs. The main qualifications you need is experience the type of cleaning needed in that household and perhaps references to show your character.

How many members of Texas house are women?

none... they should be cooking and cleaning

When was Cleaning House created?

Cleaning House was created on 2010-09-27.

Does workman's comp pay for house cleaning?

Workman's compensation will not pay for house cleaning. They will pay you a portion of your pay rate that you can use for house cleaning.

How do you say you are cleaning your house in Spanish?

I am cleaning my house: Estoy limpiando mi casa. You are cleaning your house: Tu estas limpiando tu casa.

What is periodic cleaning?

periodic cleaning is the cleaning of different parts of the house

How many times a year should house air ducts be cleaned?

My house has forced air heating. How often should the air duct cleaning be performed?

What is the duration of House Cleaning Blues?

The duration of House Cleaning Blues is 360.0 seconds.

What questions should I ask when looking for a maid?

I am so busy that I am having a hard time keeping up with cleaning the house. When looking for a maid cleaning service, what types of questions should I ask?

How much should you charge to clean a house in a bikini?

what a nonsense question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many state representatives are there in Oregon?

The Oregon House of Representatives consists of 60 members. Oregon has 5 seats in the US House of Representatives.

Can you hire professional cleaning services for really filthy house?

Yes . . if it's filthy it will cost more but any cleaning company should give a quote.

What does cleaning mean in french?

Nettoyage is cleaning in French referring to cleaning a house. Nettoyage a`sec is dry cleaning.

How many seats in the house of representatives does Oregon have?

Oregon has five.

Does Texas charge sales tax for house cleaning services?

No, they don't believe in charging taxes and people don't have enough money for taxe pay!!

How much should you charge to clean a house that people moved out of?

$100.00 to $200.00

Why is cleaning the house important?

your house will be fragrant when you clean it

What else is ammonia used for?

=Ammonia is also used for cleaning your house.==Ammonia is also used for cleaning your house.=

What are the release dates for House Cleaning - 2010?

House Cleaning - 2010 was released on: USA: December 2010