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How much should I pay for computer repair?

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Your question is pretty general; that is, you have not specified what type of repair. Computer repair generally is charged by the hour. A consultant that works independently (not for a company) may charge between $30 and $60 per hour hour + needed parts. A company (who has higher overhead costs like building rent, insurance, and employee and/or vehicle, tools, and equipment costs) will more likely charge between $80 and $100 per hour + needed parts. A company is more likely to mark up parts cost, to compensate for overhead costs like shipping, transportation or stocking fees.

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How much should I pay for windshield glass repair?

You should pay around $100-$250 for windshield glass repair.

How much could a dishwasher repair cost?

I need a to repair my dishwasher, how much should I pay for a dishwasher repair?

How much should you expect to pay for computer or laptop repair?

It all depends where you go and what is wrong with the laptop/computer but most places will charge you between ‚£55 and ‚£100 but some places may charge you per hour to work on your computer.

If you get them to computer diagnose your car and have them do the repair do you still have to pay for the computer diagnostic?

That's shop policy and you should ask before having the diagnostic done.

How much should you have to pay to repair your transmission on a 2002 mercury sable?

$1100 to $1400

How much should you pay for a good computer cable lock?


Where can I get some computer repair courses?

You can get some online computer repair training courses at , but you might have to pay for some things that you will need.

How much does a laptop computer repair cost?

This usually depends on what's wrong with it. Generally professional computer technicians will charge $80-$100 /hr. Amatuer technicians will charge $10-$50/hr. You should also add in the cost of parts and markup on those parts as well. You should also consider the possibility of success. For instance, with water damage, your chance of a successful computer repair might be as high as 30%. But whether it's fixed or not, you still need to pay for the time and parts that went into the attempted repair.

How much can you pay to repair timing chain on Nissan Murano?

How much to repair a timing chain on a 2003 Nissan murano

How expensive is it to repair a touch screen computer?

It is going to cost you a lot of money to repair a touch screen computer. If you have a friend that can repair for cheap go and ask a friend. but double check to make sure that he can actually do it and is not trying to just get the money, pay him after.

What is the average pay for a computer repair technician?

Basic Charge is Rs.300/- There is a very wide range of salaries in Computer IT Hardware repair. Depending on the city and the exact nature of the job it can range from $30,000 to $100,000.

How much is the cost for HVAC repair?

An HVAC repair cost will vary depending on which service you use to fix it. If it is a very successful company, you should expect to pay more, but if the company is struggling, then you will probably pay less because they are trying to draw in customers will low prices.

How much you should pay to replace an alternator in a 97 Buick le Sabre?

Actual Price of Alternator - $200 Cost of a repair shop - $400+

How much should a fuel pump repair for a 200 jeep wrangler cost?

The fuel tank must be remove the replace the fuel pump. This is a very labor intensive repair. Expect to pay in the area of $400.

What brand of PC is best for a business?

When choosing a brand of computer that is best for a business one should pay close attention to the specs of a computer rather than the brand. However one may look at companies that offer repair services.

How much does colonial insurance pay for torn rotator cuff surgery?

The Colonial of SC pays up to 400 for the repair of one or 600 for the repair of both. Go with aflac they pay up to 625 for the repair of each.

How much do you have to pay to get Angry Birds on the computer?


What is the average hourly labor rate a business can expect to pay for computer repair?

The avarage hourly labor rate a business can expect to pay for computer repair is largely dependant on the skill level of the technician that is hired to do the job. Rates can go down to minimum wage if the technician is unskilled or still in training.

How much does it cost to repair a Cadillac CTS Is this a cheap car to repair compared to others?

If you have one, you pay for it - up front and the repairs.

How much should you pay to install a subwoofer?

at the most you should have to pay 800$

How much should you pay for a gaming lap top computers?

Laptop gaming computers can range anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. If you want an average gaming laptop computer, then you should probably pay $800 for it.

Should you expect to pay for online computer support?

Online computer support cost depends on where you are getting the support from, and if you are warranted. If you are still covered it is usually free! If not however, you should expect to pay for it.

What is the average price of a Lenovo Computer?

The average price of a Lenovo computer is arround 887 US dollars for people who life in America. People who life in Europe should pay as much as 682 euro's for a Lenovo computer.

Make Your Budget Last with Business Computer Repair Services?

Many companies don't have the budget to spend on a dedicated IT department. This is especially true of small businesses, who can't justify the kind of expenditures needed for a fully staffed group devoted solely to computer repair services. If a business doesn't rely on technology too heavily, or their computer equipment has problems only infrequently, it may be a better idea to rely on the on-call services of a local business computer repair services company instead.Paying Too MuchNot every company can pay for a full-time IT staff, nor does every company need to. If your company doesn't consider itself a "tech company" or doesn't really rely on computers as an absolutely vital part of the daily business, then paying for a dedicated repair staff is pointless. Businesses that don't rely heavily on technology but are employing full-time computer technicians are paying full time money for part time help. Local business computer repair services offer a much more wallet friendly solution to this issue.Only Pay for What Your NeedBusiness computer repair services are affordable because companies who use them only pay when they need their services. Instead of paying a salary to an employee who may not be fully utilized, businesses can pay computer repair services a fraction of that cost on an on-call basis. Because companies that utilize business computer repair services only pay for service when there's an actual computer to be fixed, the cost of computer repairs is much lower overall.Dedication to ServiceAnother benefit of using business computer repair service companies is that these companies are usually more dedicated to providing excellent services that employees might be. Computer repair companies rely on customer satisfaction to stay in business and they rely on word of mouth to thrive. If your business isn't happy with their service, they could be out of business in time. On the other hand, employees are paid no matter what and they may not always have the incentive to fix things correctly the first time. Business computer repair services are dedicated solely to the satisfaction of their clients and will go further to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

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