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How much should a battery replacement cost?


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Batteries for late model Passats run in the $60's. A mechanic would do the job in about fifteen minutes but would probably charge about 30, which means (at most dealer shop rates) the change could cost you more than a hundred bucks. Having said that, replacing it yourself is easy enough, as long as you're willing to handle a wrench and some cursing. For late model Vee-Dubs, you'll likely need the four-digit radio code which came with your original paperwork in order to get the car restarted after a battery change -- this is an antitheft measure, but it's easy enough to deal with.

3/26/05 - current ranges are from 30$ (at wal-mart) and up to 150$ for an optima spiral cell battery (comments about this brand, anyone?). prices will vary some based on make/model of car. a general thought is to replace the battery if there are problems after 4 yrs. some like the AC Delco brand make carry up to a 7 yr warranty. I've used these in the past and love them, although they are hard to find (K-Mart, Exhaust Pro, etc). Most other brands are all made in Mexico and probably by the same company, but just re-branded.

7-3-09 - If you are talking about a Mercedes, there batteries run about $155 bucks for the original battery, and its a really good idea to install one of the Mercedes batteries if you have a Mercedes. There batteries last up to about 8 - 9 years!!! There is no other battery out there that will last that long! Great investment


id say the battery cost 0$ if you steal one..and i knoe it might sound crazy but its you best bet if you cant afford it..and its reali easy to steal (:


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A replacement Dell Latitude D410 battery costs around $20. You can purchase replacement Dell Latitude D410 batteries online from retailers such as Amazon.

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Replacement battery packs are currently available from about $5.00 on up.

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If you have the tools to replace the battery, then the price is narrowed down to the price of the replacement battery, which can range from 50-200 dollars.

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A lithium battery cr2032 battery does not really cost that much. You should be able to find these batteries in the store for $3 or $4 tops.

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An iPod Shuffle replacement battery costs around $7, although replacing it yourself requires special tools that are much more costly.

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