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Insurance costs depend on several factors, such as location, size of company and number of clients each year (or income or number of employees - the rating basis can vary) and claims history. It also depends on the limits, coverage form, endorsements, deductibles and the overall claims history of that class of business with the chosen insurance company. Because of the possibility of being present during a domestic dispute, rates might be higher than you might otherwise expect.

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How much does workmans comp pay back surgery?

If you get hurt at work and have vacation's day do the give you your vacation day fist?

How much money for elbow workmans comp?

Generally they just pay medical costs unless you can illustrate other losses.

How much time for workmans comp settlement?

It is impossible to give a timeframe. ALl claims are investigated and ruled on seperately, and some take longer than others.

How much should you expect to receive from a workmans comp settlement for labral repair surgery for the shoulder?

Workers Comp settlements depends on the state the employee resides. Some state institute structured pay settlements, while others push lump sum payments. The average settlement consists of two thirds of the employees weekly pay.

Are condo associations hiring repairs required to carry workmans comp insurance?

Your state law will determine how much liability the association is required to carry, depending on whether you are an employee or a contractor.

Under workmans comp How much is a lump sum payment for a massive rotator cuff tear that is inoperable?

i had a fractured glenoid cavity in the shoulder and received 86,000 so its there have to get a price on the surgery to fix it and they will give you that to

Do your boyfriend care about you as much as you care about him?

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It depends on how much you care about her. If you care about her enough to want to keep her, then whatever the exact answer, it should be a lot.

Does an employer have to pay an employee wages and mileage to go to the doctor if it is workers comp claim?

The worker's comp law is slightly different in each state. Basically if an employee is injured in the course and scope of their work, they are entitled to having the cost of medical care paid, and if they miss time from work, they are to be paid for wages they miss. There ARE limits on how much the payments are. You should look up worker's comp for YOUR state.

How much is an amputated finger worth in workers comp?

How much is a thum amputated finger worth in workers comp

How much of US taxes goes to workman's comp?

actually no us taxes go to pay for workmans compinsation. this is paid by your employer. if your company does not do this for a full time employee, you can contact osha and let them know;however, your job may be gone after this as some employers simply can't or will not fund this insurance.

How much is a cervical five level fusion worth in ny comp?

how much is five levels(cervical fusion)worth in ny workers comp?

How much could workers comp settlement be or permanent nerve damage in hands and neck?

i have nerve damage on my right hand and i am right handed how much should i settle for

How should Christian's love their neighbor?

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Defendants attorney writes letter to ask how much would it take to take care of this workcomp badfaith case Now what happens?

If this case is already in hearing and under consideration before the Workmans Comp Board I would say that the letter writer seems to be in doubt as to the outcome of their case and might be offering to settle. On the other hand, if they filed a frivolous claim for compensation and are simply looking for a payout in order to make the case "go away" it could amount to fraud or perhaps embezzlement.

Are Pro comp tires better than regular tires and if so why.?

Pro comp tires are known to have good traction in wet, off-road conditions. If you're going to drive the vehicle on the highway very much, know that Pro comp tires are loud. For what it's worth, I think Pro comp tires look much better than regular tires.

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How much does workers comp pay?

It is a percentage base on your type of job - how much you earned doing it.

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