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The fee for a dental cap - also know as a dental crown varies according to three
main factors, the materials used in the crown, the geographical location of the dentist, and the speciality of the dentist.

Crowns are made from all sorts of different material. For example,

1. Gold alloy crowns are the most expensive, particularly as the price of gold has risen over the past few years quite dramatically. This is the longest lasting, but many people don't like to see gold in their teeth and prefer the more natural porcelain. A full cast - the most expensive - High noble Bold Crown will cost an average of $1350.

2. Porcelain fused to gold alloy (Different alloys are available; the more precious metal, the higher the dentist's lab fee) You can expect to pay around an average of $912 for
a porcelain crown fused to gold alloy.

3. Porcelain fused to non-precious metal You can expect to pay around an average of $850 for a porcelain crown fused to non-precious metal. The cost to the dentist and the lab is nearly the same because it takes the same time no matter what the metal.

4. All porcelain - cheaper but easier to break. You can expect to pay around an average of $800 for all porcelain crown.

5. Composite resin. Some dentists use computer aided graphics to generate the caps and have them made right there and then in the office. The equipment is expensive, and the cost has to be passed on.

These average fees may vary considerably according to the location of the dentist. For example dentists in New York, San Francisco and LA always charge considerably more because of the higher cost of living in these areas. To find out prices in your local area try which has a comprehensive database of dental costs.

A specialist dentist may also charge more for the work. As in everything you get what you pay for. A dental specialist will often produce work which is of a much higher quality than a generalist.
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It mostly depends on the type of material used. Anyway, this is an article on the cost of dental crowns

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The amount that a dental crown build-up costs depends on the amountof work and the dentist. Regardless, on average, to build up thecore it costs around $200 and $340, and then the crown is around$900 and $1500.

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Well for me, which I got 2 of them in April, but after insurance paid what they were supposed to it was about 540 dollars. But it depends on what dentist you go to.

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From what country are you? Based on my experience it's ranging from$125 - $300 i used to have it in Argentina. In USA its moreexpensive around $800-$1,000.

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The cost of dental veneers depends on a number of factors,including dental fees, the type of veneer chosen, location, andmaterials used to create the veneers. In United States,it costbetween $1,000 and $2,500 per tooth, although such veneers may lastover a decade. Composite veneers may cost between ( Full Answer )

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A whole dental makeover could cost anywhere between $500 and $20,000. The dental makeover is all dependent on how much work needs to be done and what specifically needs done.

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The monthly premium from Delta Dental for one individual is $32.78. The premium for one individual and one dependent is $62.44. The premium for one individual and two or more dependents is $110.11.

How much do dental implants cost on average?

Dental implants can be quite costly without insurance. Some of them cost one thousand dollars per tooth while other estimates place at 20000 for 6 teeth.

How much do a set of dental veneers cost?

Dental veneers have a wide variety of costs due to the size of each person's mouth. Porcelain veneers that last 10-15 years can cost from $925-2,500 a tooth, Composite veneers that last 5-7 years can cost from $250-1500 per tooth.

How much does dental water jets cost?

Dental water jets come in a variety of sizes and quality. The least expensive being around $15 USD, and the more expensive ones being as much as $100 USD.

How much does a Careington dental plan cost?

A Careington dental plan costs about $11.95 a month or $108 a year on average according to the Careington website. The costs can vary depending on the type of coverage that is included in the dental plan.

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