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any where from 5 to 7 pounds

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Q: How much should a full grown Yorktese Yorkie Maltese weigh if the female was 7lbs and the sire was 5.5lbs?
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Are yorkie Maltese mixes easy to house train?

Yes they are they are easy to be house trained. Of corse they are not going to get it the 1st time but about a week or so they should be. :)

Can a 12 pound Yorkie mate with a 5 pound Yorkie?

Yes, if the male is heavier, help her if the weight is too much, if the female is heavier, no problem.

What is a Maltese mixed with a Yorkie and Shih Tzu called?

You should only mix two breeds and not breed the pups because of their mixed genes. But, even though it is against my opinion, it would be a Morkie-Tzu or Malkie-tzu.

What age can a yorkie female first mate?

It is generally agreed that the best age to breed from a female is three years of age, but your Dog should be fine to mate after she has had at least two seasons.

"How much should i feed my yorkie"?


What size dog should mate with your yorkie?

The size dog should be like a Chihuahua 13in and 36centimeters or to be sure another Yorkie just in case

Can you get westies on Nintendogs cats?

Unfortunately not, but two close dogs are: the Maltese (which is white) and the Yorkie (which looks like the Westie and if you keep pressing the 'surprise me' button you should eventually find a white puppy to your liking).

Can you cut a full grown Maltese dog's hair?

Yes, a Maltese should have regular haircuts either from you or a groomer.

Should you get a min pin or yorkie?

It depens on what u like

What age should you wash a miniature Yorkie?

About 12 weeks

What should a buyer look for when they find yorkie puppies for sale?

Some of the things a buyer should look for when buying yorkie puppies is if the puppies have any type of paperwork with them and if the puppies look healthy.

What information should a person include in an ad for free Yorkie puppies?

Yorkie puppies have their own distinct personalities and characteristics. In a for sale ad, you should list if the puppy has already been spayed or neutered.