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Your mother farted

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Q: How much should a high school linebacker squat?
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What size should you be to play linebacker in high school?

It doesnt matter just have pure strength

What is the high school squat record?


What High School did Linebacker Brian Bosworth attend?

Irving Macarthur High School

Was Philip River's always a quarterback?

No, he was also a linebacker in high school.

How do you get better at linebacker im a sophomore in high school and I bench 190 and squat 245?

All i can say i you seem to be trying really hard, try talking to your coach if he is the one critisizing you and just keep trying hard; you will get there eventually. maybe you should eat healthier, run more and pratice tackling with your teammates.

You want to play football on high school you were born 1992 5'11'' 187lb squat 400lb powerclean 185lb ran a 4dot8 on the 40 im ready position can i play?

linebacker outside or inside maybe even safety if your quick enough

What is the best weight for a outside linebacker in high school?

about 190-210

Can someone in high school box squat 805 pounds?

um. . . not without seroids

Iā€™m a junior Inside Linebacker on my high school JV football and am considering switching to Defensive End. Should I make the switch?


When was john churchill a football player for usc?

John Churchill was a linebacker for the USC Trojans in 1969. The 223-pound linebacker was from Whittier, California. He attended La Serna High School.

As a sophomore football player in high school at 6 foot 200 pounds how much should you bench squat and power clean as a defensive end?

As a sophomore in HS you should ATLEAST being doing 135. Since you are a defensive end I'd say around the 200 area. As well as Bench, atleast 210 Max. And for squat 350-400 im 15 going in to my sophomore year i bench 195 and squat 315 and clean 170 also am 6 foot 200 pounds but im a linebacker for a dfensive end id say you should be benching 220 and squatting 350-400 i have a friend that is our same size he benches 230 and squats 550 i dont know if this helped you or not but i tried

Who is the best high school running back in Raleigh?

KEITH MARSHALL OF MILLBROOK HIGH SCHOOL RUNS A 4.25 40 Squat: 455 Power Clean: 250 Bench: 265 Incline: 240