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To roughtly estimate weight in a young healthy individual, we start at 100 lbs for a 5' woman and 106 lbs for a 5' man. You than add 5 lbs per inch for a woman and 6 lbs per inch for a man. That would put 105 lbs as a healthy weight for a 5'1 woman. Given variability in frame and desired weight, I would put the range as somewhere between 95-115 lbs.

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You are 12 years old and your height is 155cm how much should you weigh?

You should weigh around about 100-110 no more than 110 I'm about 5feet and 4 inches and I weigh only 102 pounds im almost 13

What should be the weight of 5feet 3inches lady with 43 years age?

The recommended weight for 43 years lady with 5feet 3 inches is 115 to 124 pounds.

How much should a A A year old woman weigh?

The answer depends on how old "A A years" is!

What is the average weight for 61 year old woman 5feet 7inches?

I am 61 years old female and 13 stone Am I obese?

How much should a 52 year old woman that's 5 feet 1 inch weigh?

A woman who is 52 years old and 5'1 ideally should weigh between 106 to 118 lbs. with a small frame. For a woman with a medium sized frame the weight should be between 115 to 129 lbs. For larger frames a woman should weigh between 125 to 140 lbs.

How much weight should a 40 year old woman weigh?

i have a medium build am 5'3 am 40 years old, how much should i weigh comforatbly where i dont have to starve myself to keep it off.

You are 5.1 and 11 years old how much should you weigh?

I think you should weigh about 95 to 105lbs I weigh 97lbs.

What should a 46-year-old 5'9 women weigh?

A woman who is 46 years old and 5'9" tall should weigh approximately 142-188 lbs. A more accurate way to calculate your health is your BMI. The BMI recommendations for a woman is between 18.5-25.

You are 10 and you weigh about 100 pounds How much should you weigh?

At ten years old you should weigh about sixty pounds. At ten, you should weigh 60-80 lbs.

How much should a 5 foot 7 inch 57 year old weigh?

If you are 5 feet 7 inches tall and 57 years old, you should weigh approximately 150 pounds. This can vary depending on if you are a man or a woman.

How much should you weigh if you are 42 years old and 5 feet 1 inch tall?

About 110 lbs if you are a woman. Maybe 130 if you are a man.

If your 5'3 and 12 years old how much should you weigh?

Well I'm 5'4 and 12 years old and i weigh 114 lb but for your height you should weigh about 110 lb

Im 11 years old and 4ft 8 what should you weigh?

You should weigh about 90-120 pounds

What is the average weight of a 5'0 12-year-old boy?

I am 12 years old I weigh 78 pounds I measures 153cm (5feet). Average would be around 100 pounds

How much should you weigh if you are nine years old?

here is your answer i weigh at least a little bit over how much you should weigh but the answer is 70-90 pounds.

How much should a woman 5'8' weigh who is 24 years old?

I've heard that 5 feet=100 pound and every inch after that 5 pounds

How much should a 2 years girl weigh?

She should normally weigh 11-14 kg / 24-30 pounds

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