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If you are looking for a professional painter no less than $15,000

If you are ok with 'just a painter " probably you can find somebody to do the job for $7-8000.

That all depends on the location of your new house.

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What painter created the famous ceilings of the Opera Garnier?

Eugene Lenepveu

How was Raphael so important?

He was so important because he was a renaissance painter and he painted many ceilings of churches

What did George seurat do for a living?

He was a professional painter.

What did Sandro Botticelli do for a living?

He was a professional painter.

What was Renoir's job?

He was a professional painter an sculptor.

What is the Italian translation of the English word 'painter'?

Barbetta, imbianchino and pittore are Italian equivalents of the English word "painter."Specifically, the feminine noun barbetta is the mooring rope known as the boat's "painter." The masculine noun imbianchino (and the feminine imbianchina) mean the professional "painter" of buildings, ceilings and walls. The masculine noun pittore (and the feminine pittoressa) translate as "painter" of works of art.The respective pronunciations in Italian will be "bar-BET-ta," "EEM-byan-KEE-na" and "EEM-byan-KEE-na," and "peet-TO-rey" and "PEET-to-RES-sa" in Italian.

How do I get a commercial painter in Perth?

This is not so difficult to find out a commercial painter in Perth area but if you are looking for a verified professional painter then it is going to be bit difficult for you. You can even search into internet for a professional painter but might not even sure that you will get the desire one. In this situation the best option is, you can take personal reference. I can even suggest you for a verified professional painter in Perth. You can check this website or you can call them at 0402 564 109. I believe they will get your job done. Thanks

What is the difference Matt and silk paint?

The finishes. Silk, as the name suggests, is a high sheen finish and will often show up imperfections. Matt will cover everything flat as the name suggests. Either can be used in my opinion as a professional painter and decorator. I've just finished a house with silk walls and matt ceilings, and have often done matt walls and silk ceilings. If you're a beginning painter, I would advise using silk, as it's either to put on smoother with thick coats. If you're a beginner and using matt, use vinyl matt, not trade.

How long did van Gogh work for?

He was a professional painter for 8 years.

What are sally Morgans hobby?

Sally Morgan is a painter and professional writer.

What type of paint should be used to paint ceilings?

I've used regular paint to paint ceilings. I think that the main difference in 'ceiling paint' is that it is thicker. But I'm not positive. I didn't have any problems using regular paint. In fact, I briefly worked for a painter. I think he just used plain old paint for the ceilings also.

What is the typical cost for interior painting of walls and ceilings?

I paid £80 per room for the painter nad provided paint myself. Took him two days.

How old was George seurat when he started painting?

He became a professional painter at 21.

Who was the first professional painter to express the spirit of the Industrial Revolution?

Wright of Derby

What should a painter charge for painting walls just one color no base boards or closets 16000 square foot volted ceilings?

Enough to cover the materials and a decent wage for labor. We have no way of estimating what that might be in your area. Also, I'm not sure why the "vaulted ceilings" matter.

How much money does a professional painter earn?

AnswerPainters make $15.50 an hours sometimes......

Who is Richard T Pranke? Professional Artist Painter living in Montreal, Canada

How much does a painter and a hip hop dancer make together?

You need professional help.

When did Rembrandt van Rijn start to draw?

As a child, of course. He became a professional painter in 1624.

What was Henri Matisses favourite colour?

A professional painter cannot have just one favorite color.

Georgia O'Keeffe's favorite color?

A professional painter cannot have just one favorite color.

Did Diego Rivera use folk art?

As a professional painter his work is not classified as Folk Art.

Where can you buy a spray paint softball helmet?

you cant you have to get it spray paintedby a professional helmet painter

How much can a painter paint?

One painter can complete walls only for a couple of normal sized rooms (10*10) or three more featured walls or 400 square field of ceilings, "these are just examples. The efficiency depends on how well he is prepared to paint the rooms eagerly and enthusiastically.

When did Pablo become a painter?

If you mean Picasso you should say so! He was near professional at the age of 15.

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