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Q: How much should you feed your Persian cat?
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"How much should I feed my new cat"?

As much as they can take

" How much should I feed a cat "?

every day you should give a cat one scoop

How much should feed cat?

How much you should feed your cat all depends on your cat's age, size, and weight. Read the back of the cat food bag/can, and it will have instructions on how much to feed your kitty.

"How much should I eat and feed my cat?


How much should you feed your cats?

here is a tip never feed your cat dry food it is the worst for your cat. You should get canned food and feed them half of a can if it is a 5.5 can but if it is a 3.5 ounce can feed then all of it

How much should i feed my dog and cat?

1 cop each

How much do you feed a 10 month old cat?

You should feed your cat as much as she/he wants to eat, but never more than 4 cups.

How much should I feed my cat if she is 1?

my cat is 8 weeks

How much water to feed a sick cat a day?

You should feed your cat as much water as you can (you can incorporate water into a cat's wet food) if they are sick. But I would recomend taking them to a vet first.

How much should you feed a cat that's 2 weeks old?

A little bit of cat food

How much should I feed my kitten or cat?

11 ouces per day?

how much should i feed my cats of canned cat food?

2 cans


1 scoop for big cat and 1/2 scoop for the kittens

how do i feed my cat candy?

you should not feed your cat candy at all dummy

How much should your Persian cat exercise?

As much as he/she wants and when he/she wants........ just like all the other facets of his/her life.

how much tuna should i feed my cat?

1/3 of a kid cup from dutch brothers

How much should I feed my pet cat?

one bowl of cat food a day

How much shell i feed my cat?

it depends on what type of cat

Should you feed a tiger cub cat food or dog food?

The nutrients required for any animal differ from species to species. It is not recommended you feed dog food to any cat, wild or domestic. As to whether you should feed cat food to a tiger cub, I wouldn't recommend it. Even though they are feline, a tiger cub may require a different quantities of ingredients as they will grow much larger much quicker than a domestic cat.

What should you call a white cat?

Persian, Albanian

What if your cat mother is a Persian but your cat is not a Persian?

then the father is not a Persian

About how many times should I feed my cat a day?

I honestly think you should feed your cat for breakfast and dinner. And you can maybe feed her or him one treat a day. So to answer your question, 2 times a day!

How much does a Persian cat cost?

£350 or €400.

Should you feed your cat wet food in the evening?

You can feed your cat wet food as often as you like, whenever you like. There is no set rule when to feed a cat, although most feed their cat twice a day. I personally feed my cat wet (pouched) food in the morning and in the evening.

HOW much do i feed my cat?

how much your cat wants