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There is .77344 of a Troy ounce (a little than 24 grams) of pure silver in a 1921 U.S. silver dollar.

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Q: How much silver in a 1921 dollar?
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How much silver is in 1921 silver dollar?

There is around .77 ounces in a 1921 US silver dollar.

How much ia a 1921 silver dollar worth?


How much is a used 1921 silver dollar worth?

About 23.00$ depending of the price of silver....

What is the silver content of a 1921 US silver dollar?

A 1921 US silver dollar contains .76 troy ounces.

What is 1921 silver dollar worth?

A 1921 Morgan dollar is worth about $25.00

How much is a 1921 Morgan silver dollar worth?

a 1921 Morgan silver dollar mint San Fransisco is worth about 18-30,000 dollars depending on the condition if uncurculated

How much are 1921 silver dollars worth?

Two types of silver dollars were issued in 1921, a Morgan dollar and a Peace dollar. The easy way to tell the difference is on the reverse (back) of a Peace dollar the eagles wings are folded, on the Morgan they are spread out. Post a new question after you find out which one you have.

How much is a 1921 dollar with no mint mark?

It will depend on condition. Worst case, all silver dollar coins are worth the .77 ounces of silver in them.

What is a 1921 silver dollar?

that year they had two different types of silver dollars the Morgan Dollar and the Peace dollar

How much is a 1921 silver dollar with a s stamped on it?

Circulated coins are valued at $14.00-$19.00

How much is a 1921 circulated Morgan Silver dollar worth?

1921 is by far the most common date for Morgan silver dollars. As of 24 February 2013, one is worth about $22 for the silver.

Whats a 1921 silver dollar worth?


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