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Q: How much silver in a republic of the marshall islands 5 dollar coin?
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1969 first man on the moon silver dollar?

Yes, I have the Republic of the Marshall Islands "First Men on the Moon" $5 Commemorative Coin

What is the value of launch of space shuttle discovery 1988 by marshall islands silver?


Is there any silver in a Republic of Liberia 1993 Nolan Ryan dollar?

No silver. They are copper-nickel

How much is an 1969-1989 first men on the moon silver 5 dollar piece coin from the marshall islands worth?

"Currently Marshall Islands coins are valued at or below their face value when bought and sold in the US coin market. The basis for their currency is the US dollar. This was only based on the US dollar and is not redeemable in the US. The coins are rarely redeemable at face value even on the islands. These coins were intended for collectors, not for widespread use as currency." Source: sci

What is the Five dollar space shuttle discovery coin worth?

Unfortunately, these privately minted Marshall Islands coins are essentially worthless. They are not silver, so they cannot even be sold for any metal value. You can't even redeem them at a bank in the Marshall Islands -- they won't honor them. At best, you might get a couple dollars as a novelty item. Wish I had better news for you,

Is the presidential 5 dollar republic of Liberia coin silver?

I have a republic of Liberia coin as well, and the certificate that came with it states it is copper-nickel.

What is the value of a 1974 five dollar Republic of Liberia coin minted at the US mint?

If it's silver, then at least $30.00

How much is a Ryan nolan silver coin worth?

In 1993 the Republic of Liberia issued a Nolan Ryan 10 dollar silver proof coin. The value of this coin is about $15.

What is an 1879 silver dollar?

An 1879 "Silver Dollar" is a Morgan dollar.

What is a freedom dollar?

it is actually the freedom tower silver dollar which is a one dollar coin minted under license of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) in 2004. it is however not issued by the official us mint.

What is a 30 dollar silver coin of Solomon islands worth?

Today 2/14/2011 I bought one on Ebay for $39.99.

How much is a Republic D Haiti 1 dollar bill 1903 worth?

1984 Silver eagle from Sunshine Mine .999