How much sodium in orange?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How much sodium in orange?
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How much sodium does a orange have?

There is NO sodium in an orange. I found this on All I did was type in "how much sodium is in strawberries" on google. Then I clicked on the first link. There was a whole list of fruits with there sodium levels too. Hope this helps!!

Why does sodium chloride turn orange when on fire?

Orange fire proves that sodium is present in the compound

Does sodium give off an orange flame?

sodium gives off an orange to yellow flame colour

What is the sodium in clementine orange?

1 mg.

What reactive metal gives of orange glow in streetlamps?

Sodium is used in street lamps. The metal gives the light its characteristic orange colour.

What metal ions burn with an orange flame?

Normal flames are pretty much orange. So if you are seeing orange, you probably are not seeing the color you need to see. Sodium is a hard one to see sometimes on top of the orange color.

What element burns orange and red?

calcium burns red sodium burns orange

What element burns orange red?

calcium burns red sodium burns orange

What is the mechanism of methyl orange in sodium carbonate and hydrogen chloride titration?

Methyl orange acts as a pH indicator in the process of sodium carbonate and hydrogen chloride titration. The addition of methyl orange will indicate the ratio of sodium carbonate to hydrogen chloride by the colour which develops.

When you burn sodium oxide what colour does it turn?


Will sodium chloride change Methyl orange yellow?


What color does sodium chloride burn?

An yellow color, from sodium