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Which surface of a starfish is covered by tube feet

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Who found the first plane what is their name

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Q: How much time the starfish breath's for per minutes?
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How long should each rescue breath last and how much time between breaths?

3 breaths for children, 5 breaths for adults.

How long can you have hypoxia without help?

A person will need breaths within 4 minutes; maximum time of 6 minutes. For every minute after 6 minutes, chances for survival reduce by about 10% per minute.

Who holds the record for the longest time without breathing?

The world record for the longest time between breaths was 22 minutes. It was set by Stig Severinsen from Denmark in 2012.

What time of day are starfish active?

Starfish are active at night time as this is when they search for food.

How much time is 80 minutes?

1 hour and 20 minutes

How do Starfish communicate with other Starfish?

Starfish generally do not have contact with other starfish. However, biologists have proven that during the breeding season, starfish send out signals when they are ready to reproduce. This causes the starfish to congregate during this time period.

How much time is 2227 minutes in hours and minutes?

37 hours and 7 minutes.

How much time is in 602 minutes?

10 hours and 2 minutes.

What can a starfish regrow if it loses one?

A starfish has five limbs and if one of those limbs (which can also called arms or legs) is lost it can regrow over time. A starfish that is halved can grow into two starfish.

How much time is 81 minutes?

81 minutes = 1 hour and 20 minutes = 4,860 seconds

Andy takes an average of 12 breaths per minute About how many breaths did Andy take by the time he turned 13 years old?


Can starfish live on land?

A starfish can only live on the and for a very short time before they die. Starfish depend on saltwater to keep them alive and dry out and die when out of the water.

When do starfish hibernate?

all the time

How much time pasted between 6 o'cock 26 minutes and 7 o'clock 8 minutes?

42 minutes

How are starfish adapted to ocean life?

Starfish live in the ocean and are very well adapted to it. They have lived there a long time.

How much time will take to release sperm from penis to vaginia?

2 minutes 2 minutes

How do starfish adapt to their envirnments?

A starfish is one of many marine animals which is slowly dying off because mainly it takes time for a animal such as the starfish to adapt to its environment making it a slowly dying species.

How much time between extra time and penalty shoot out?

10 minutes

How many eggs do starfish lay at one time?

~ Starfish can lay up to 10-25 eggs. Starfish eggs are very fragile and very susceptible to predators that may be looking for a lunch time snack!

How much time is in 6 hours?

360 minutes

How much time is 21646218 minutes?

15032.09 days

How much time is 23167980 minutes In hours?


How much time does the movie Robots have?

91 minutes.

How much time does an average person spend in a shower?

8.2 minutes

How long does it take to do one million breaths?

Of course that depends on how fast (often) you breathe, which you neglected to include in the question.Pulling a number out of thin air ... let's say you average 15 breaths a minute.Then 1,000,000 breaths = 66,666 minutes = 1,111 hours = 46.3 days (all are rounded)