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There isn't one. Babysitting a sibling is a job appointed by one's parent/s, so the "legal age" would be whatever age your parent/s think you are responsible enough to babysit.

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$7 dollars a hour is good or 20 a night

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Q: How much to charge for babysitting in ga?
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How much do you charge for babysitting with babysitting license?

If you're a beginner then you should charge $5 an hour, but if you're more advanced, you should charge $6 or $7 an hour.

How much do you charge for babysitting a 3 yr old?

$5 dollars an hour

How much do charge when babysitting 2 kids under 9?

You charge 20 a for the night and 10 for any problems

How much should you charge for babysitting 3 kids aged 4 6 and 8?

8 to 12 dollars an our

You are 13 you have a babysitting licence and know first aid what should you charge per hour for babysitting in Canada?


Babysitting how much should I charge per infant or toddler?

I charge 8 $$ per hour for 1 child and for 11 $ for 2. If theres three and i know the family well i will only charge 13$ per hour

How much should a fifteen year old charge for babysitting in Indiana?

It all depends on your experience.. if you dont have much then you cant charge much maybe 1.50-2.00 an hour if you are experienced then you can charged more i charge 5.00 per hour but that is because im very experienced and my customers are willing to pay that

How much for a new social security card in marietta ga?

Legitimate social security cards are issued free of charge.

What are South Carolina state laws for babysitting?

what's the amount should charge for babysitting, how many hours should keep the children a day, and how many children you can babysit at a time?

How much should an experienced 12 year old charge for babysitting?

You could charge $/£5 an hour. Or maybe $/£20-$/£30 for a night. It might also be a nice gesture to pay your parents $/£2-$/£5 for fuel if they drove you to the house.

Where can a 15 year old work in Evans GA?

Publix, Kid to Kid, and there's always the good old fashioned babysitting!

How much does teenagers get paid for babysitting a year?

not enough but to much