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unless you do this for a living don't. sunroofs are the bane of all car owners. basic sunroofs are bad enough but i suspect yours has 3 settins, tilt, slide etc. it is always the seals that are the problem i have never come across a diy job that has worked, and i have seen quite a few where they have been done in the shop and they have had to go back numerous times for correct refitting. do your homework and ask friends and family if they no of a shop that refit them all the time. but preferably go to a vw dealer and pay the extra they will charge to have it done right first time. there is nothing worse than going on a long drive and finding out the seals are not water tight. believe me the extra you will pay to a vw dealership will save you time and money in the long run.

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Q: How much to replace-repair an electric sunroof on a 1994 golf?
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