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How much traffic does this site average per day?

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How much electrical energy does the average American require per day ? How much electrical energy does the average American require per day ?

Worldwide email traffic is expected to exceed ____ messages per day by 2013.

They can average $50.00 a day depending on how much business there was that day.

An average for a teenager 34 spoons a day

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in 2010 there were 23,303 highway traffic fatalities for Drivers and Passengers. That would work out to about 64 deaths per day. If you factor into that Pedestrians and other non-motorists and Motorcyclists that total jumps to 32,885, or 90 per day. This is down from a total of 43,005 in 2002 which was an average of 118 per day. These figures come from the NHTSA Web site.

The average is about 0.4mm a day.

.44 on average of a pound a day.

an average student uses about 11 sheets a day

An average monkey eats about 7 pounds a day.

About 1,800 calories a day, on average.

I don`t kow and i don`t care, But it cost £40 000 for 1 traffic light.

The Average model from 10-18 makes about £100 a day The Average model from 18+ makes about £300 a day

An average person might spend $300-600$ a week or day for me a day!

Well at my Mcdonalds on a average day we make about 8,000 dollars on a average day, but we are 24 hour and if the McDonald closes it might make about 5,000 dollars on a average day.

About $40 depending on time of day, traffic, etc.

a regular human being average eats about 8 pounds a day

How much electrical energy does the average person use in a day . . . In the UK the figure is about 16 kilowatt hours.

about $ 1.50 to $2.00, it changes day to day.

It really depends on where you live, and how much sun your place gets. But on average, an average solar panel might be able to produce 17.5kwh per day.

Crosstown traffic is murderous at this time of day. Why is the traffic at a stop during "rush hour"? How's traffic right now?

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