How much tv does kids watch?

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Im a kid myself and they wtch 2-4 hours each day mostly entertained by diney channel,1100 ways to die or if in teens car shows.
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How much TV does the average American watch?

If the 2012 statistic can be believed, Americans over the age of 2 watch TV an average of ... 4 to 5 hours a day , 28 to 34 hours a week, 1,456 to 1,768 hours a year .

Why do Americans watch so much television?

Because so many people use television as a babysitter for children, which causes them to become addicted to watching. That's they only thing they know how to do, if the parents are not involved with teaching their children

Do Canadians watch hockey on TV much?

Ratings for hockey in Canada are greater than any country in the world. Hockey is not only a sport for us but a vital part of our culture. There are few Canadians, including females, who haven't played hockey at some level. In fact we not only follow the NHL pros, but women's hockey and junior hocke ( Full Answer )

Is watching too much tv bad?

Yes, infact I did an essay on it! :D Here Too Much TV? Have you ever started reading a book and then looked at the TV and then just got attached to it? Well that is just what happens to many kids in the U.S. The average family spends too much time watching TV. Too much TV can cause eye ( Full Answer )

How much TV should a child watch per week?

Some say that young children should not watch any TV. School age children can watch limited amounts, but for school days, no more than a half hour, since there are so many other things to be done before bed on school nights.

What happens when you watch to much TV?

you can suffer from seizures, have sore eyes and get very tired, so it is best not to watch too much TV. take frequent breaks, grab a drink/snack and get penty of rest!

How much tv do teens watch?

Some teens watch 6 or 7 hours of TV, from the time they get home from school, to the time they go to bed.. In some households, wise parents limit the amount of TV their teen is permitted to watch, so this amount of time varies widely.

Does Watching to Much Television Affect your vision?

Eye Knew It! So when you or your children are practically sitting inside the TV, are your eyes suffering? Dr. Lee Duffner, spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, responds in his professional opinion: "Hogwash. You won't cause any physical damage to your eyes." Actually, your eyes ( Full Answer )

Does your eye swell if you watch to much TV?

No, TV gives out a really low amount of UV radiation though that's only bad for your eyes if you watch TV for more than 6 hours without a light on. If you have a light on its fine but just don't watch to much TV. Just get outside unless your sick. but if your sick you should sleep not watch TV

People watch far too much tv why?

I have Time Warner Basic Cable which has 2000 channels, including 100 in High Def. There is so much to watch on TV, it's incredible. Cooking shows, education programs, news programs, history shows, movies, plays, music. The reason why people watch too much TV, is because there is plenty to watch on ( Full Answer )

Does watching too much tv affect your weight?

Well, sort of. Watching TV is a very passive occupation(you don't move around a lot), and if you don't move you don't burn many calories. And if you only burn a few calories it gets easier and easier to eat more calories than you loose over a day. And if you're eating more calories than you burn the ( Full Answer )

How much of a persons life is spent watching tv?

Person is a very broad specification since some people have easier access to one or multiple TVs depending on what part of the world they live in. Life expectancy also depends on where a person resides. But if you take a typical American , statistics show that the average American watches four hours ( Full Answer )

What happens if you watch too much tv?

if you are using the old box like tv. it is hard on your eyes because they are actually flickering at super high speeds. also a distraction even though you arent watching, theres that after effect.

Do you watch to much television?

Hello,Do you love television?I certainly do.My teacher says that children watch too much television.Raise your hand if we watch too much one.

What can watching too much TV do to you?

It will do nothing butn make you a couch potato ANSWER: Aside from making you fat and out of shape from inactivity, too much tv watching puts the brain into a hypnotic state, causing it to cease the production of new brain cells. Activities that stimulate brain cell growth, such as book reading ( Full Answer )

If you were a kid what TV show would you watch?

If I was a girl I would watch: Victorious, Shake it up, Hannah Montana Forever, Icarly,and Wizards of Waverly Place. If I were a boy I would watch: Codename kids nextdoor, Spongebob SquarePants, Teen Titans, ScoobyDoo, and Ben10.

Is good for kids to watch TV after school?

Yes it calms their brains after thinking alot at shool Answer: In general there is nothing on the general broadcast channels suitable for children to watch, The exceptions are the educational channels and documentaries. It would be more to the point to have them read, practice hobbies, exercise ( Full Answer )

What happens when you watch too much tv?

you start getting mad when people get in front of the t.v., and it increases your chance of being overweight and getting asthma, no joke!!

Do kids act out what they watch on TV?

Absolutely! If you let your kid watch a movie like "Not Another Teen Movie", your little girls will probably try to find your vibrator (which is underneath mom's bed)! And your little boys will get in trouble at school for fu@#ing girls up against a window!

Why is it bad to watch too much TV?

Watching TV isn't so much bad for the eyes as it is bad for the brain and body. If you are sitting down, vegging, then you aren't getting any exercise, which leads to obesity and other health problems.

How much tv should you watch?

It doesn't matter, as long as you get doen anything you need to get done before watching T.V.

Should parents allow their kids watch violence on TV?

Violence is a broad category. Certain types of violence stem from instinctive modules designed for many different purposes. Now every kid develops at a different rate and reaches a different conlclusion in brain developement based on factors such as age, race, environmental stmuli. The child around ( Full Answer )

Give you 10 reasons Why is it good for kids to watch tv?

1. Fun 2. Develops learning 3. Not Bored 4. Less hassle for parents 5. Keeps them up-to-date 6. Teaches them important life dangers and how to avoid them 7. Gets them friends with people who watch similar programmes 8. Calms them down 9. Tests their concentration 10. Prevents them ( Full Answer )

Why should kids watch TV?

kids should watch TV because some of the programs are telling kids to get out and be active and make thing and the TV can inspire kids to do what they do.

What happens to kids who watch to much TV?

Scientists believe that the more TV you watch, the worse your grades will be in school. Many parents have found out that their kids imitate the rude behavior and language that they see on TV. Therefore, many parents have limited TV to a certain amount of time for their kids.

Can you die from watching too much TV?

No,I do not think you can die from watching too much TV but it could be a cause of something that might lead to death. usually watching too much TV might lead to; Poor eyesight,addiction,unproductivness,antisocialness.

Is it true that kids who watch tv grades go up?

Yes, beacues if your kids watch the right show that teach about learning and kindness they will change, let them watch show that teach them about goin up and thing about the future.

Is it bad to watch too much tv?

In general, it's not good to do "too much" of anything. Watching a lot of TV can be bad for you in several ways -- first, people generally sit down when they watch TV, so that means they are not moving, not exercising, and that is not good for your health. Second, people are not interacting with oth ( Full Answer )

How much tv should you be watching everyday?

it doesn't matter as long as 1 - 5 years old watches nick Jr, 6 - 11 years old watches Nickelodeon, 12 - 16 watches Disney channel, and 17 and older can pick what ever they want to watch.

Why do kids watch TV so much?

Kids watch tv because its humorous and dramatic and addicting and they can relate to it

What do you do about kids watching too much tv?

Well, you could turn the TV off...or take it away. But the best method is to get them involved in other activities to take their mind off watching television

Why is it good for kids watching tv?

it help ful for when family member are to buzy also it a good distration find me on youtube- devil love see you soon

Which 3D TV is most comfortable for kids to watch?

I recommend passive 3D TVs over active 3D TVs. I have 2 kids and we have a Samsung active 3D TV set. My kids complained about a 'flash' while watching 3D 'Tangled' (it turned out to be a flicker) and they got eye strains from it. They don't watch 3D on our TV that often anymore. I regret buying an a ( Full Answer )

Can watching to much tv cause autism?

Obviously not - autism is a neurological condition, apart from thefact that peole are born autistic, watching TV cannot change yourbrain.

How can people get autism by watching too much TV?

No, obviously a person cannot 'get' autism by watching too much TV. Autism isn't something that someone can contract or develop, Autismis a neurological disorder so a result of how the brain develops inthe womb. TV thus has zero link with Autism.

Why should kids of age 2 Or younger shouldn't watch tv tv?

In my opinion, they should watch it every now and then, for general child development. But here are some reasons why not. .   . They become used to it and want it all the time . It could ruin their optical development, they could need glasses or something more serious late in life if they watc ( Full Answer )

How much television should a child watch?

It really depends on the age of the child. Video games and television have been proven to increase cognitive function, but there is a tipping point. I'd say two hours of television/video games a day max until they get a bit older. Try and remember that content matters as well. Children absorb everyt ( Full Answer )

How much tv do kids need to watch?

Though some people would say as long as they don't get a headache doing so, about 3 to 4 hours would be a good amount of tv to watch. Though distance from the tv matters, 3 to 4 hours is a good time for kids to watch tv. However, age actually affects this time too. Kids age 13 and up tend to not be ( Full Answer )

How can you get fat from watching too much Tv?

It's not really about the TV at all, it's about not moving enough. People become fat when the food they eat has more energy than they use up, and the less you move around the less energy you use. If you keep active, and get some exercise every day, it's easier to use up the energy from the food, a ( Full Answer )