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.One cup of uncooked rice will yield two cups of cooked rice

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Q: How much uncooked rice do you need for 12 cups of cooked rice?
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How much rice should be made for 20 people?

well, if you're making about 1/4 COOKED for each person, you'll need 5 cups COOKED, which would be about 2 1/2 cups UNCOOKED.

How much dry orzo do you need to 3 cups cooked?

1.5 cups

How many cups of uncooked rice do I need for 8 cups of cooked rice?

Try 3 1/2 - 4 cups. Cooking rice generally more than doubles its volume.

How much brown rice do you need for 6 cups cooked rice?

six cups

How much uncooked rice do you need to make 11 kilos of cooked?

Depending on the type of grain, you would need in between 3 and 4 kilos of uncooked rice.

How much rice does it take to feed a family in America for six months?

Well lets go off of a family of 4. I figured in a worse case scenario to survive you would need to have 2 cups of rice per meal. 2 Cups rice uncooked = 4 cups rice cooked. Giving each person 1 cup of cooked rice. 6 Cups uncooked rice a day provides 3 meals of one cup of rice a day per person. So for 6 months you would need 1,080 cups of rice.

How many cup or uncook rice is need for 6 plates of cook rice?

2 Cups of uncooked rice, combined with 4 cups of water during cooking will yield 6 cups of cooked rice.

How many cups of uncooked rice do you need for 7 people?

2.5 cups would be plenty

How many cups uncooked rice equals 1 kg of rice uncooked?

1 kg uncooked rice equal to how many cups i cup roughly equals to 200 grams of uncooked rice. so for 1 kg you need 5 cups. happy cooking. K.eep I.t S.weet and S.imple

Why does uncooked pasta keep longer than cooked pasta?

Because in cooked pasta there is water. Bacteria need water to survive, and they find it hard to survive in dried pasta which doesn't contain much water. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which is why freshly made uncooked pasta will not keep any longer than cooked pasta.

How many cups of rice do you need to make for 4 people?

It depends on how much each person is going to eat, but 1.5 to 2 cups of uncooked rice should suffice.

How much uncooked pasta equals 1 cup cooked pasta?

why would you possibly need to know that cause your mother wanted to know how much with this sausage she smoked!

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