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Soybeans are a global commodity whose price changes every day, you need to track the price on sites like the one linked below.

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How much does a bushel of soybeans weigh?

Wheat and soybeans: 1 bushel = 60 lb = 27.2155422 kg

How much does a bushel of soybeans weight?

it depends on the moisture content, but at 13% moisture a bushel of soybeans weighs 60 pounds.

How much does a bushel of soy beans weigh?

A bushel of soybeans is standardized at 60 pounds.

How many cubic feet in a bushel of soybeans?

1.244 cubic feet in a bushel... doesn't matter what its a bushel of.

Cubic feet of a bushel of soybeans?

One bushel of soybeans contains about 1.244 cubic feet.

How many kilograms are there in a bushel of soybeans?

A bushel of soybeans is standardized at 60 pounds, that makes it 27.2 kilograms.

How many soybeans are there in a bushel?

At approximately 3,000 per pound, 1 bushel (60 lb) would be 180,000 soybeans. At approximately 2,500 per pound (a planting size), there would be 150,000 soybeans per bushel. Soybeans can range in weight from about 2,500/lb to about 3,500/lb.

How much does a bushel of soybeans cost?

According to the related links below, the current price as of 3/16/11, the current price per bushel is $12.70.

What is the volume of a bushel of soybeans?

About 1.244 cubic feet or 2,150 cubic inches.

How many bushel of soybeans can a semi trailer hold?

876,556,435,245,745,634,556,124 and 1 half

How to convert price per bushel of soybeans to price per pound?

Assuming the test weight of the soybeans is USDA's 60 pounds per bushel, you would just divide the current price per bushel (example: $9.45 US) by 60 to get 15.75 cents (US) per pound. If the soybeans do not test at 60, then just use the adjusted test weight for that batch.

What is the current price of soybeans?

Soybeans are a global "commodity" market item. You can find the daily price per bushel or tonne on the site linked below. On August 26, 2012, soybeans are priced at $18.22 per bushel (60 pounds), or $669.28 per tonne, an increase of $228 per tonne since the beginning of the year. For retail prices, for instance if you make your own soy milk, check with local retailers.

How much soybean oil can be obtained from one bushel of soybeans?

Soybean contains approximately 20% of its weight in oil, most of it is extracted using solvents, so one bushel of soybeans yields about 11 pounds or 5 kilograms of oil, that is 1.2 US gallon or 4.6 liters of oil.

What is the price per bushel of soybeans?

The US prices will be listed in cents per bushel. A quote on April 23, 2011 was 1382.50 or just under $14 a bushel.

How many tons of soy beans equal a bushel?

A US ton is a unit of weight, and is much heavier than a bushel of anything.A bushel is a volume measurement approximately equal to 1.2445 cubic feet or 0.035 m3.However, given a standard moisture content, a US bushel of soybeans is assigned a weight of 60 pounds(27.2 kg).That would make 33 1/3 bushels of soybeans in a US ton. (2000 lb.)

How much soybean meal in one bushel of soybeans?

Approximately 48 pounds, though this can vary a little based on variety and other factors.

How many pounds equal a bushel?

It depends on what you're measuring. For example, a bushel of corn weighs around 56 pounds, while a bushel of soybeans weighs around 60 pounds.

Is there a converter to convert the price per bushel of soybean meal into the price per ton?

For soybeans, you don't even need a converter, sites like the one below display the price both by the bushel or the tonne (metric ton). But if you need one, you can just multiply the dollar price per bushel by 36.743 to get the price per tonne. Soybean meal is not sold by the bushel, which is an unit of volume for crops only, i.e. soybeans, not processed products which are sold by weight. A bushel of soybeans is standardized at 60 pounds, but there is no such standardization for soybean meal.

How many kilograms are in a liter of soybeans?

One liter of soybeans weighs 0.77 kilograms, since one bushel (35.2 liters) weighs 60 pounds.

How many liters of oil can you extract from one kilogram of soybeans?

One bushel (60 pounds) of soybeans yields about 4.6 liters of oil, so one kilogram of soybeans yields about 0.037 liters of oil.

How many bushells to one ton of soy bean?

Since 1 tonne = 2,204.622 pounds, and there are 60 pounds of soybeans to the bushel, 1 tonne of soybeans is 36.743 bushels.

How much does a bushel of cucumbers cost?

$40 a bushel and $22 for a half bushel

When do you harvest crops?

Corn and Soybeans would be : August and SeptemberWheat : June JulyCorn and Soybeans would be : August and SeptemberWheat : June July

How much is a bushel?

1 US bushel = 35.239072 liters

How much does a bushel of wood weigh?

a bushel of wood is 350lbs

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