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For soybeans, you don't even need a converter, sites like the one below display the price both by the bushel or the tonne (metric ton).

But if you need one, you can just multiply the dollar price per bushel by 36.743 to get the price per tonne.

Soybean meal is not sold by the bushel, which is an unit of volume for crops only, i.e. soybeans, not processed products which are sold by weight. A bushel of soybeans is standardized at 60 pounds, but there is no such standardization for soybean meal.

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Convert price per bushel of corn to price per pound?

Use this formula: 1 bushel = 56 pounds

What is the price of soybean June 2010?

The Chicago Board of Trade cash price for soybeans for the month of June ranged from a low of $9.20 per bushel to a high of $9.70.

What is the price per bushel of rice?

What is the price of a bushel of rice today

How to convert price per bushel of soybeans to price per pound?

Assuming the test weight of the soybeans is USDA's 60 pounds per bushel, you would just divide the current price per bushel (example: $9.45 US) by 60 to get 15.75 cents (US) per pound. If the soybeans do not test at 60, then just use the adjusted test weight for that batch.

How do you do a sentence with the word bushel?

There's the last bushel of corn! I wonder what the price of a bushel of beets would be today.

What was the price of a bushel of wheat in 1929?

At its lowest price in 400 years

What is average price of wheat in agriculture in 2009?

The price received by farmers for all wheat in 2011 averaged $7.44/bushel. A record high price ($8.02/bushel) occurred in 2008. Prices declined to $5.30/bushel in 2009 and $5.12/bushel in 2010. Durum wheat prices average $5.80/bushel in 2011. Hard red winter wheat prices ($7.04/bushel) and hard red spring prices ($8.38/bushel) were also near record levels. Prices for soft red winter wheat ($6.79/bushel), all white wheat ($6.59/bushel), and durum wheat ($9.20/bushel) were also very strong.

How much does a bushel of whole corn weigh?

Seed corn has a bushel weight of 56 pounds. The price in 2014 is $3.30 per seed corn bushel. For sweet, fresh corn there are 70 pounds per bushel, with the bushel selling for about $15/bushel retail.

What is the average price per bushel of wheat in 2011?

US average price received by farmers, all wheat types was $7.44 per bushel in 2011.

What was thePrice of bushel of corn in 1934?

The US average price was 80.2 cents per bushel of corn in 1934.

How much does a bushel of soybeans cost?

According to the related links below, the current price as of 3/16/11, the current price per bushel is $12.70.

How much does a bushel of tomatoes cost?

The price for a bushel of tomatoes might vary from place to place but is going to be roughly 25 to 30 dollars. A bushel of tomatoes is about 50 pounds.

What is the price per bushel of soybeans?

The US prices will be listed in cents per bushel. A quote on April 23, 2011 was 1382.50 or just under $14 a bushel.

Where can I buy a cheap video converter?

According the 2012 video converter reviews, the best video converter now is "AVS Video Converter". It is because of the quality & the price. You can easily buy it from Amazon for the cheapest price of $25.95.

Is there a formula to calculate soybean oil value based on soybean price?

The value of the oil in soybeans varies depending upon the S&D of oil and meal, the products sold after the beans are crushed. Oilshare is the proportion of the soybean oil to the value of just the soybean, the difference being meal.

Price of corn per acre now?

how much is corn per bushel now

What is the average price of corn per bushel?

It depends on where you are in the world. For example, the average price paid to US farmers in 2011 was $6.20 per bushel. But if you were an end user, you probably paid more than that due to the costs of marketing and transportation.

How do you convert HDMI to VGA ?

You have to buy a converter/cable/adapter. This will cost around 50 dollars. This price is not certain. I'm sure you can buy a cheaper or expensive one too.

How much did the cost of a bushel of wheat fell from 1919 to 1932?

From $2.16 a bushel to 38 cents, offically. Though sometimes farmers recvied less than half that price.

How much does a bushel of oysters cost?

A bushel of oysters is generally around 60 oysters. Oysters may be sold by the bushel, but are generally sold by the pound. Price per pound varies based on your location, the type of oyster, and current market conditions.

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