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US average price received by farmers, all wheat types was $7.44 per bushel in 2011.

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Q: What is the average price per bushel of wheat in 2011?
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What is average price of wheat in agriculture in 2009?

The price received by farmers for all wheat in 2011 averaged $7.44/bushel. A record high price ($8.02/bushel) occurred in 2008. Prices declined to $5.30/bushel in 2009 and $5.12/bushel in 2010. Durum wheat prices average $5.80/bushel in 2011. Hard red winter wheat prices ($7.04/bushel) and hard red spring prices ($8.38/bushel) were also near record levels. Prices for soft red winter wheat ($6.79/bushel), all white wheat ($6.59/bushel), and durum wheat ($9.20/bushel) were also very strong.

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