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I think it's about a half gallon or apx. 2.5 liters. Something like that.

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How much water does a human need to survive daily?

2-3 liters

How much water does the human body need per day to survive?

at least 1.5 liters

How long can a human survive on just apple juice?

A person can only survive about a week because every human need water to survive

How much blood is need to human survive?


How much water dose a polor bear need?

as much water they need to survive!

Why were human settlements always built by water?

Human settlements were always built by water, because humans need water to survive.

How much water does an Arctic hare need to survive?

For an Arctic Hare to survive a year they need over 65 gallons of water

Why do you need to survive on water?

because the human body is estimated to be about 60 to 70 percent water...

How much water do you need a day to survive?

8 glasses of water

How much water do plants need to survive?

a lot

Why does the koala bear need water?

Koalas (not bears) need water the same as any other animal or human, we drink water to survive.

What does a human need to survive on Saturn?

You need solid ground atmosphere oxygen water and plants (plants make oxygen) and human resources

How much water does algae need to survive?

It doesnt need that much water, even a small plastic cup would work.

Human beings cannot live without fresh water?

That is correct. You need fresh water for your body to survive.

How much water does a grizzly bear need?

Grizzly Bears do need water to survive. Without it, they would feel dry, and in need of water.

Does bacteria need water to survive?

Most bacteria does not need water to survive.

Do cells need water to survive?

YES!!! Cells DO need water to survive!

Why do rattlesnakes need water to survive?

All animals need water to survive.

What are the basic compounds that human cells need to survive?

water oxygen food waste disposal

How much water does a person need to survive on for a week?


What are the Adaptations for the plant Aloe?

they dont need that much water to survive

How much water does an adult need daily to survive?

8 cups.

How much energy can you get from a cup of water?

Nothing. You don't get energy from water. But you still need water to survive.

Why do water dragons need water so much?

I'm not completely sure, but it is there main element and they probably need it to survive!

How much water does a shark need to breathe?

They need the oxygen in the water to survive like fish and every thing else.