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How much water evaporates from a pool?

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Water Evaporation from a Pool

The evaporation rate depends on the surface area of the pool, the temperature, and the relative humidity and the wind. I'm sure an "equation" containing the variables is known. Perhaps a civil or mechanical engineer would have a specific equation. I did find what seems to be a credible source that provides a reasonable answer. Here is the link: Marin municipal water district. They have a chart that lists 200-300 gallons per week for a medium-sized pool -- about 2%-5% of typical pool volumes. "Splash-out" water is probably a much more significant source of water loss.

Here are more opinions and answers:

  • In my 14 years of experience, I found that there are a lot of circumstances involved in how much water is lost during evaporation. The best way to find out how much water your pool is losing is the following:

    Take a 5-gallon bucket and make a mark with a permanent marker at about the halfway point. Fill the bucket with water up to that point, and set the bucket right beside your swimming pool. Simultaneously, use a pencil to mark the water level on your pool tile. In that way, your can determine how much water has evaporated from the bucket and from the pool.

  • The evaporation rate of water from a swimming pool is fairly easy to calculate; given you have access to a psychometric chart or a water vapor tables. W=(A (69.4+30.8 (V)) / Y )(Pw-Pa) W = lb / hr of evaporation. A = surface area of the swimming pool. V = mean wind velocity (mph). Y= Latent heat (approx. 1000). Pw - Sat. Press at Room Air temp (in Hg). Pa - Sat. Vapor press at water temp (in Hg)
  • Wow! Who has enough time on their hands to run complicated math formulas. A simple rule of thumb in the pool industry is that 1/2" to 1" per day is normal evaporation. Evaporation more than 1" per day would indicate a considerable amount of splash-out or a water leak.
  • The above answer is completely incorrect!! I have worked in the pool industry for over 30 years, and I am currently a leak detection professional who teaches my craft at the swimming pool convention. I am also a founder of an international alliance of swimming pool leak specialists. 1/2" to 1" per day is not a general rule of thumb in the pool industry and is excessive! Use a bucket of water set next to your pool to determine how much water evaporates in your area. Even two pools at neighboring properties can have different evaporation rates due to differing environments.
  • In different areas the rate of loss varies, but in Houston, Texas, we figure on evaporation of 1" to 1.5" per week during the summer.
  • Some people don't realize that water evaporation is much greater in the fall than in the summer -- when water temperatures are high and air temperatures are cold (especially at night). This will just suck the water right out of the pool.

    I am sure there are a lot of variables regarding geographic location and humidity levels. In the Mid-Atlantic, I would consider anything over 1/2" per day the mark to start looking for problems (unless you have a heated spa or waterfall, etc.).

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1incha day

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How much water evaporates from the pool?

This depends on many factors.

How much water evaporates from a pool in winter?

nearly none but most of the water might freeze.

How much water evaporates in a week from a swimming pool?

It depends on the surface size, temperature of the water and outside air temperature, the activity in the water, if there are any water features in the pool etc.

Why do you always have to add water to your pool?

You need to replace the water that evaporates.

How much water evaporates from a swimming pool per day?

This depends on the surface area of the pool but generally speaking on a really hot day with a pool that is heated to 85F you can loose up to 1/4 inch of water a day.

How much water evaporates from a pool in Phoenix AZ?

Eventually, all of it if not replenished. The rate of evaporation depends on local climatic conditions.

Why is your water level in your pool dropping over night?

Water evaporates. The hotter the surface temperature is, the faster the evaporation rate it. Even during the summer, the water evaporates at night.

What happens to water from a geysers?

How geysers work is there is a pool of water right above a thinner-than-normal spot in the Earth's crust. The pressure is building up in the pool, until the pressure is too much. The water then shoots out of a hole at the top of the pool. The water then splashes down or evaporates. Then, the process repeats itself.

Checking for leaks in a swimming pool?

If you want to know if your pool leaks. # Take a bucket of water from the pool. # mark the water level of the pool. # mark the water level in the bucket. # check to see how much the water has gone down after a couple of days in the pool and n the bucket. # If the level in the bucket is closer to the mark then the level in the pool there is water being lost some where. If there is no difference then there is no leak. The surface water on the bucket evaporates at the same rate as that on the pool, so the should stay the same.

How much water evaporates everyday?

An answer is impossible.

Do salt pool evaporate at a higher rate than non salt pools?

No Pool water evaporates in one day or one week

You are losing water in your pool even when the pump is off?

Clearly if you are losing water faster than it evaporates, you have a leak somewhere.

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