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0 if it didn't melt

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Which weigh more water or ice?

It depends how much water and how much ice you hae. if you have 1 ice cube and 6 cups of water, the water will weigh more. But, if you have 10 ice cubes and 1/4 cup of water the ice will weigh more.

How much water does a cup of solid ice melted produce?

1 cup of solid ice = how much water

What is colder - ice or ice water?

I Know Snow is colder than Ice butt Ice Water is much colder than ice

How much does ice expand?

One gallon of water will expand to be about 1.09 gallons of ice. This is because ice does not expand that much.

What does dry ice form when added to water?

It generally forms water ice and carbon dioxide vapor.Dry ice is so much colder than the freezing point of water, if you drop dry ice into water the water will freeze. At the same time, water ice is so much above the freezing point of CO2 that the dry ice sublimates back into gaseous CO2.

Is ice water more dense then normal water?

Ice water is more dence then normal water because the particles in ice water move slower then normal water. This is because ice water has been in a much colder area then normal drinking water.

How does water ice contrast from dry ice?

Water ice is solid water. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. It is much colder, and changes from a solid directly to a gas, with no liquid stage- "dry" ice.

How much of water would there be when ice melts in glass or plastic after eighteen minutes?

It depends on how much ice you have

How much water is in one ice cube?

There's enough water to create a single ice cube.It depends on how big the ice cube is.

Why ice berg is over the water?

The iceberg is lighter than water, but not by much. The ice floats, but about 80% of the iceberg is under water.

How much water is there on Uranus?

there is water on Uranus but it is in the form of ice

How much of earth's water is ice?


How much water is in a typical ice cube?

1 oz of water

How much fresh water is at antarctica?

70 % is water and 90% is ice

How much water is there in 8 oz of ice?

There is 8 ounces of water.

Does ice weigh more than water?

The same volume of ice does not weigh as much as the same volume of liquid water. Ice has a lower density than water has, and that's why we see it floating on water.

How much water do you need to make a ice cube?

Any amount of water can make an ice cube. It's not the amount that determines if water will become ice, it is the temperature. The water just needs to be at a temperature of 0oC or lower, and it will become ice.

Which water substances float in water?

ice floats on water no matter how much it weighs.

How much of the worlds water comes from Antarctica?

The Antarctic ice sheet stores about 70% of the earth's fresh water and about 90% of the earth's ice. The ice sheet is not considered a source of water.

How much salt is in an ice cube?

This depends on the type of water used to make ice.

How much of the earth's fresh water is stored as ice in Antarctica?

70% of the worlds fresh water and 90% of the worlds ice is stored in the Antarctic ice sheet.

Why do ice cubes pop in water?

ice cubes pop in water because ice is much cooler than water so because of the temperature difference the water reacts with the ice cube and creates a cracling almost like a poping sound.

How much of earths water is in ice caps?


How much water is equal to 25 pounds of ice?

25 pounds of water.

How much water does the Antarctic Ice Sheet contain?

The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 70% of the earth's store of fresh water and about 90% of the earth's store of ice.