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How much water should a dwarf hamster drink in one day?

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dwarf hamsters drink quite a lot , because they mainly eat dry food they have to drink to moisten it in their stomachs. keep the water topped up at all times.

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What can a dwarf hamster drink?


How much water should a dwarf hamster have a day?

Dwarf hamsters do not drink that much water, so you should fill it up whenever it gets low.

Can a chinses dwarf hamster drink flavored water?


What water should a hamster drink?

A hamster should drink tap water or mineral water. Hope I helped!

What toys should you put in your dwarf hamsters cage?

u should put dwarf hamster toys in there or food and waterONLY dwarf hamster toys!

How do you get my dwarf hamster to drink water?

Just give it time, and if it still wont drink the water, try using something else to give it water. i experianced the same thing when i first got my dwarf hamster too. :D

How do you know when a female dwarf hamster is pregnant?

She will get a little fat and she will eat more and drink alot of water

Should a hamster drink tap water or boiled water?

tap water!!!!

My dwarf hamster doesn't drink water... should i take it to the vet and how much do you need to pay to see one?

I'm sure your hamster drinks water, you just don't see. Dwarf hamsters are quite small, so they don't need to drink that much. But if she really isn't drinking yes, you need to take him/her to a vet. It will cost about 30 dollars

How does a hamster know to drink water from the bottle hanging in the tank?

Your hamster should just know it from instints.

Are dwarf hamster scared of water?


What should every dwarf hamster have?

A cage, bedding, running wheel, water bottle, food.

How long can a dwarf hamster go without water?

probably 3 days :) ♥ make sure you give your hamster enough food and water to drink. They can dehydrate quickly because they are very little.

Why do baby hamster scared to drink water?

they are not if they had fur they can drink water but they are not scared. YOU SHOULD KNOW. ^ I dont understand still ._.

Why do short haired hamster drink a lot of water?

All hamster drink a lot of water its natural!!

You are worried about your Russian dwarf hamster drinking too much water?


Can a hamster drink water from the faucet?

yes, my hamster does.

How much water should hamster drink in one day?

It doesn't matter

Can you wash your dwarf hamster?

With chinchilla sand, but not water!

How much should a Syrian hamster drink each day?

You should always have a good supply of water for your hamster. Often in a water bottle that convienetly hangs against the outside of the cage. Hamsters drink a lot so they need plenty of water.

How can you train your hamster to drink from his water bottle?

They don't need training. Water has a smell (surprisingly!) and your hamster will sense that there is water and automatically drink from his bottle.

What if you get bit by a Chinese dwarf hamster?

Wash the bite with soap and warm water. I was bitten many times by my dwarf hamster until she was tamed and never had a problem.

How long can a dwarf hamster last without water?

I think a hamster can live 8 hours or 2 days without water.

Can a hamster drink water from a baby bottle?

No, you should buy a special bottle designed for hamsters.

What should you do if you get a bite by a dwarf hamster?

Fist things fist. Wash the bite with soap and water. The next time you try to pick up your dwarf hamster wear a thick glove with your sent. Do this everyday for 5 minutes and eventually he will get used to you.