How much water would it take to fill the Empire State Building?

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The Empire State building has 37 million cubic feet of volume which equates to 276,779,220.76 gallons of water.
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If you were to jump off the Empire State Building how long would it take to hit the ground?

Answer: Difficult to calculate, but under 8.81 seconds. Calculating how long it takes an object to fall a certain distance is a difficult question if you want an exact answer, but if you're willing to look at a simplified model (ignoring factors such as air resistance/frictions, which would be co ( Full Answer )

How long did it take to build the Empire State Building?

It took 410 days, which is one year and 45 days to build the empire state building. That was over 200,000 hours of labor, during the course of roughly 14 months, to build what was the tallest building at that time.

How much water will it take to fill a 25m swimming pool?

With X length X Av depth will give you cubic feet or meters or cubits or whatever measurement you used,Just to start you of here re some volumes. . 1 cubic meters = 1 000 liters . cubic foot = 7.48051948 US gallons

How much did the Empire State Building cost to build?

The building itself cost $24,718,000 to build (nearly half the expected cost because of the Great Depression). Including the property on which the building sits, the total cost for the Empire State Building was $40,948,900

How long does it take for a penny to drop from the top of the Empire State Building?

It takes about 2 and a half minutes. And despite what you may have heard, the velocity is not enough to kill someone, the air resistance is too great. They could get stung pretty good, and might break cause a pretty good bruise, but isn't likely to result in severe injury..............No someone has ( Full Answer )

A mole of jelly beans would fill up how many buildings the size of the Empire State Building?

A mole is 6.022x10^23 particles. To find the volume of a mole of jellybeans simply multiply the volume of a single jellybean (1.192x10^-4 ft³) by 6.022x10^23. You get a volume of 7.178x10^19 ft³. Of course that doesn't take into consideration the air spaces trapped between the jellybeans, but. ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost to visit the Empire State Building?

ESB Express Pass. $41.52. (+$3.48 Tx). Adults (13-61). $18.45. (+$1.55 Tx). Child (6-12). $12.92. (+$1.08 Tx). Senior (62+). $16.61. (+$1.39 Tx). ESB Audio Tour. $7.38. (+$.62 Tx). Military in Uniform. Free. Toddlers (5 or younger). Free.

How much is the Empire State Building worth?

The value will depend on a variety of factors including the property leases, rental rates, other income derived from the property, the property's occupancy rate, as well as the general market's occupancy rates. The property will also depend on if there are any master leases or ground leases which co ( Full Answer )

What would happen if you would drop a knife off the empire state building?

It would fall to the ground, going faster all the time, accelerating at the rate of the acceleration of gravity ... or maybe a little less than that because of the air resistance ... and by the time it hit the ground, it would be falling pretty fast. If the point happened to be pointing down w ( Full Answer )

If you throw a penny off the empire states building how long will it take to hit the ground?

Acceleration from gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 or 32.2 ft/s 2 . The Empire State Building is 381 meters/1,250 feet tall. So if we throw a penny off the Empire State Building, its speed would increase by 9.8m/32.2ft every second. We will count every second's increasing speed. 9.8m for the first sec ( Full Answer )

Which state is in the Empire State Building in?

The Empire State Building is located in New York, NY. The state of New York is nicknamed the Empire State. New York The Empire State Building is in New York City, New York.

How much sea water would it take to fill Death Valley and how much would this effect sea level?

From Ocean Atlas and using you figure of 1-2 inches you would get with a lot of rounding 40,000 inches in on km leangth. Divide 335,258,000 by 40,000 and we get 8381 cubic km for each inch of ocean level rise. At its greatest extent the Lake Manly which filled Death Valley during the ice ages in ( Full Answer )

What would be a good way to measure volume of water it takes to fill a water balloon?

Take one typical balloon, and fill it up just the way you always fill them. When it's full and you're ready to tie the end closed, don't do it. Instead, take a big measuring cup, and pour the water back out of the balloon into the measuring cup. See how much water you have in the measuring cup ( Full Answer )

How much water would it take to fill a balloon?

It depends on the size of the balloon. If it's a small balloon, about a half gallon will due. If it's a larger balloon, about a gallon or so. Now, if it's a very small weak balloon, about 1/2 quarter gallon should do it.

How much time would it take to drop a ball from the Empire State Building?

The ESB is much wider at its base than at its top, so no object dropped from its top would hit the sidewalk. HOWEVER, an object dropped from the height of the ESB would, if it experienced no air friction nor hit anything along the way, would hit the ground in 8.8 seconds. However, air friction wo ( Full Answer )

How many golf balls would fill the empire state building?

The Empire State Building is roughly 37 Million Cubic Feet in volume. A Golf Ball is around 1.5 Cubic Inches, so 8 golf balls would fit in one cubic foot. That means that 37,000,000 times 8 = 296 000 000 Golf Balls

How much water does it take to fill 1 cubic meter?

It would take 1m 3 of water. The metre cubed is the base unit of volume. For ease of use most domestic volumes are measured in litres, 1 litre is 1dm 3 or 0.001m 3 , so there are 1000 litres in 1 metre cubed. one metre cubed would take 1000 litres. The density of water at 20 o C is 998.207 kgm ( Full Answer )

How much water does it take to move a building?

The building would float when the water weight being displaced equaled the weight of the house, but the house may move due to absorption of the water's kinetic energy before it floated. A river or flood for instance.

What subway train do you take from the Empire State Building to Central Park?

The Empire State Building is at 34th Street and 5th Avenue. Walk 1 block west on 34th Street to Herald Square (at the 3-way intersection of 34th Street, Broadway, and 6th Avenue). You can take the Uptown N-R-Q (the yellow line) from 34th Street-Herald Square to 5th Avenue-59th Street (southeast ( Full Answer )

How much water would it take to fill 3 inch pipe 1000 feet long?

The volume of a cylinder is (pi) x (radius) 2 x ( length) . Radius is 1 / 2 of the diameter. Radius of a 3-inch pipe is 1.5 inches. 1 foot = 12 inches 1,000 feet = 12,000 inches 1 gallon = 231 cubic inches Volume = (pi) x (1.5) 2 x (12,000) = 84,823 cubic inches = 367.2 gallons ( Full Answer )